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Cezar – Target Practice (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Dat Piff)

Target Practice

“Honesty” (Previous Review)

After really taking the time to shape and mold each track so that it turned out just right, Cezar has finally released his second mixtape, Target Practice. The tape contains seven new tracks and production from DJ Burn One and VZ The Kid. Target Practice is an offering that aims to allow a bit of insight into the diversity of Cezar while demonstrating his lyrical advancement and raw skills. But does it hit the mark? Click the jump and let’s find out.

“Hater My Motivator”

The production here is a sample of “Hate Is My Motivator” by Meek Mill. It was a smart selection as it fits Cezar’s style perfectly. For those unfamiliar with the single, the beat is very low key and gives off a relaxed vibe. The hook is decent. The delivery is consistent and goes well with the rhythm of the production. The lyrics are fair but the wording could have been a tad stronger. Cez has a deep element going that could have really been powerful with the right word choice. The verses are hot but run a bit long. The hook could have been used at least once in the middle of the song to pace things better. Cez brings an impassioned flow, apt wordplay, and exceptional rhymes. He speaks freely about his personal life, music career, and his feelings towards anyone that’s against him. Check as he spits: “N—a I been riding since I was like 11. All I ever wanted was a small slice of heaven. (…) B–ch I am a ruler, I can teach you hoes a lesson. Put you up on money. Show you how to stack. How to blow it all then make it all back. All we do is work never bust a sweat. No days off grind til our last breath.” Those lines are slick and really show off Cez’s charisma. Overall, this song is a banger and a favorite off of the tape.

“Ready Or Not”

This track serves as Cezar’s homage to both his Haitian people and legendary Hip-Hop group The Fugees. That’s right the production is a sample of the group’s classic single by the same name. It is always a big risk to sample or remix a major hit as it’s hard to top the originator. But Cezar held his own. The hook comes in at the end of the cut. It is alright but needs some work. Cez tried something different and went for a sing song delivery with taunting lyrics. The lyrics were fine and even made for a nice entertaining ending. The execution is the issue here. Cez would have been better off just straight spitting or maybe going the melodic route instead of fully singing. Since the hook is at the end, the song plays out like one continuous verse. Which in this case works beautifully. Cez has a smooth mesmerizing flow, rich wordplay, and  first class rhymes. He does a striking job of demonstrating his personality and flexing his handiness on the mic. Noteworthy lines include: “Still riding through the hood like a crusader. Feel the bass kick vibrate through the faders. I’m in my zone feeling Marcus Garvey. Trying to bring it all home and my saints marching. Blow loud by the zone, Cezar Rastafari. Bunch of snakes in the grass, everyday safari.” Brilliantly spit lines right there. Cez went hard on this one. In the end, this track is a hit and the ultimate favorite off of the tape.

**My Two Cents: I think Target Practice served it’s purpose and then some. Not only did it prove that Cez has real talent as an emcee but it also exhibited his vast improvement since the last mixtape. The samples were wisely chosen, the original production was on point, and Cez’s rhymes hit the mark pretty much on every track. Also, the different style tracks helped to broaden the project’s appeal. So it doesn’t restrict Cez to just one type of audience. All in all, I think Target Practice is a must listen. Cez is shaping up to be a fierce contender in the game. But don’t just take my word for it. Click the link and have a listen for yourselves. And be sure to keep up with Cezar on Twitter. -MinM

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