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Cezar – “Honesty”

by Miracle

(Photos By Cezar)


Last time readers heard from local emcee Cezar, he revealed that he was working on two major projects. One was to allow Cez the opportunity to unveil different sides of himself to his fans while flexing his lyrical skills. And the other was a street classic in the making. The first one is coming to fruition and as previously mentioned, has been dubbed Target Practice. A few days ago Cez dropped the first release off of the upcoming project entitled “Honesty.” The single was produced and engineered by VZ The Kid. The production here is excellent. It features a light bass, a slow tempo, and a serious tone. The hook is fair. Cezar has a precise delivery and the lyrics are decent. However, they could have been a little more creative or reworked to convey the same message in a stronger manner. This track contains only one verse but it’s of premium quality. Cezar came with his signature delivery, fresh wordplay, and impressive rhymes. He also added a bit of vulnerability to his tone that really gives the verse life. He does a commendable job of opening up to the listener and sharing his personal thoughts. Peep it as he spits: “Can I tell you that I’m scared? No one can hurt me. I am worried I’m a fail. My only options go to college or to jail. I gotta get mine cause the game ain’t fair. Phony b–ches, f–k n—as, and chrome triggers. Enemy of the state, now my name bigger. Heard the feds want my head like a bounty hunter. So I’m hiding in the clouds on some purple thunder.” One can tell those lines come from a deep place. Overall, this track is dope. Could use some minor tweaking and maybe one more verse but it’s still worth giving a few listens. It was a respectable preview of what’s to come from Target Practice.

**My Two Cents: This was a cool track. I definitely feel that Cezar is already showing signs of growth from his last project, which is great. His lyrics are a lot tighter and better put together. If he keeps up the momentum, Target Practice should be a hot album. Can’t wait to hear more. -MinM

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