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Cinco – Cinco De Cinco (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Cinco)

Cinco De Cinco

Local rapper Cinco decided to play up his stage name while also corresponding with popular Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo, via a brand new release. He dropped a new five track self-produced mixtape yesterday (5/5/12) entitled, Cinco De Cinco. Though the tape was inspired by the holiday, it makes for great listening at any point and time. Click the jump for a detailed look into a couple of tracks.

“Get Back”

The production here is on point. It contains a low heavy tone, some delicate musical elements, and an intense vibe. The hook is good. Cinco brings an aggressive delivery and the lyrics are straightforward yet catchy. The verses are great. Cinco has clean attention grabbing flow, slick wordplay, and first-class rhymes. He expertly gets the message across that he considers himself a force to be reckoned with in this Hip-Hop game. Check it as he spits: “Self made hustler, born winner. Say life’s a b–ch. I’m getting bored with her. So I pour liquor. Have another round on me. I’m 6’3, so nobody’s looking down on me. Ha! That is unless you are a giant. But then I play David and slay, so don’t try it. Go ahead don’t buy it, watch you get murked.” Those lines kick the track off in a bold manner and really set the mood for the duration of the cut. All in all, this is a hot song. Cinco went in and got the tape off to a strong start.


This is the final track on the tape. The production here is unique. It features a mid-tempo pace, some peculiar sound effects, and a free spirited vibe. No hook is present on this song, as it is a fairly short number. Which works out fine because Cincos rhyming was top of the line. His flow was full of personality, he had sharp wordplay, and his rhymes were of grade A quality. There was no set message or purpose this time around. Cinco seemed to just be having fun while showing off his lyrical finesse. Noteworthy lines include: “Her ass is right. She sitting pretty. Take her, show my city. She think my words are witty. She love my brain too. It’s funny how I made a ho out of ya main boo. Say who? You know. It’s that kid from the Mil, call him Cinco.”  That’s just some savvy spitting right there. Who knew Cinco had a little player in him? In the end, this track is another banger. And it takes the mixtape out the same way that it started, on a high note.

**My Two Cents: Since this project was only five tracks and one of them is an interlude, I just chose to break down my favorite two songs. All of Cinco De Cinco is winning though. The only bad thing about it is that the tracks are so short. Cinco was so on top of his game, it would have been nice to hear just a little bit more from him. Also, he could have added a festive interlude to relate back to the Cinco de Mayo theme that was present. Otherwise, this is definitely a must listen for readers. So click that link and head on over to Dat PIff. And be sure to check out Cinco’s website and Twitter page too. -MinM

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