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Sconnie Boys – “Johnny Bravo”

by Miracle

(Photo By BorderBreaker.Com)

The Sconnie Boys are a local emerging Hip-Hop group. The trio’s goal is to represent for the college scene while sharing their talents with the world. Their first offering to the masses is a party anthem called “Johnny Bravo.” It’s reminiscent of the old cartoon of the same name, complete with the signature dance. Take a glance below.



This video was put together by Down 2 Earth Films. The focus of the visuals is basically a good old fashioned house party. So this means: attractive females, lots of alcohol, a bit of dancing, pretty much all the essential elements of a successful party. The Sconnie boys are shown throughout living it up and doing their thing. Each member displays their individuality while putting a lot of energy into their performance. The Sconnie Boys’ mannerisms during their verses really made the entertainment factor for the piece. And seeing everybody do the monkey was a tad amusing too. Overall, this was a fun watch and a creative way for the Sconnie Boys to ease into the game.

**My Two Cents: I loved the Johnny Bravo cartoon when it was out, so this had a certain appeal to me. Plus, everybody in the video seemed to be enjoying themselves. I don’t know if it will bring the monkey dance back but I can easily hear this single in rotation at clubs and parties. It could use some fine tuning lyrically but most party tracks are not known for the rhymes. Now that they got their foot in the door, I am interested to hear what else the Sconnie Boys can do. -MinM

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