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Leading The Transformation Of Hip-Hop: Cezar (Q&A)

by Miracle

Cover Art For: The Manhattan Project (Photo By Cezar)

“Honesty, if you take nothing from my music, understand that this is my life in these songs. I’ve always said that there are so many liars in Hip-Hop and so many people that deserve to be signed are overlooked because another painted a pretty picture. I feel that the listener deserves to have at least one person who is going to keep it 100 no matter the situation. My music is beginning to get more serious with approach, but I strive to have fun with my listeners because all I’m trying to do is lay back, kick it with my squad, and get dough. So for the new listener expect to have serious moments and obnoxious fun. This is music and there are no limits.”Cezar (On His Music) / Last time readers heard from Cezar, he was promoting his Roman Roulette mixtape. Now he is working on improving his talents and releasing two brand new projects. Amidst writing and recording, he took the time to share his thoughts on his strengths as an artist, his documentary in the works, and more. Read about it all after the jump.

The Illixer: How did you come up with the stage name Cezar?

Cezar: It was a name I was given in the streets. And I actually have a fascination with the Roman Era, so it kind of just stuck.

TI: What or who influenced you to choose Hip-Hop as a career?

Cez: For me, Hip-Hop is not my career. This is life for me. I turned to music to help me through hard times. I started writing to ease my mind, vent basically. I’m influenced by the world. The events that take place around me are what drive me to write. I started this on my own; I never did this to attract attention. I started in 2000 when I was nine years old, I liked doing it and I got good at it. I do this for fun whatever else comes with it comes with it.

TI: What would you say are some of your strengths as an emcee?

Cez: I think my strength is my creativity. As far as lyrics and concepts, I’m always thinking and writing something new. I have so much material because I write like a machine, it’s crazy. I also feel that I am very versatile. I refuse to turn down an opportunity to try something new. I feel music is about dedication and innovation. The only people that truly last embedded their style into music forever.

TI: In previous discussions, you said that you want to bring new and innovative sounds to the Hip-Hop world. Can you explain how you plan to do that?

Cez: I want to introduce another side of the spectrum to Hip-Hop. I feel like Milwaukee has been written off. No Hip-Hop artist from Milwaukee has had the type of success as a Jay-Z or a Rick Ross. I feel that I can provide voice for our city. I feel that Milwaukee’s story needs to be told, and not just Milwaukee. There are people everywhere who are exactly like me. They are either going to school full-time, trying to get money, and keep their grades up. Or they go to work every single day so they can pay their bills. The stress, struggle, and ambition that come from those two lives; along with the perspective of a “trap nigga” mentality is what makes my sound new. I want to show Hip-Hop and the world that it’s ok to be normal. We have ups and downs and to succeed you have to find a way to stand up in the hardest situations. I’ve been through a lot of shit in my life and I’ve made it pretty far. So I’m sharing my plan and introducing my city. I’m not trying to be anything more than I’m destined for, I don’t control the cards I’m just playing mine my way. And I feel if I keep putting out music and sticking to the code sooner or later the movement will be recognized.

TI: I read that you spent some time going back and forth between Albany, GA and Milwaukee when you first got into music. Which music scene do you prefer and why?

Cez: I don’t have a preference honestly. Music follows everybody, as you live your life you experience new music from different cultures. I don’t pay attention to the “industry” aspect of the local scene I just drop music and kick it. I make music because I love it. I’m addicted to it, without it I don’t know where I’d be. So as far as music scenes, it doesn’t matter where I’m at. If it’s time to hit the booth, I’m a do it no matter what a hater says.

TI: Describe what you were trying to accomplish with your debut mixtape, Roman Roulette?

Cez: Roman Roulette was exactly that, a roulette, a gamble; I wanted to test the waters with my skills. I’m a shy person, so the music on Roman Roulette was glimpses of who I truly am as an artist, and I feel I’ve grown and become a better artist since the release. I wanted to quietly come in the game and make good music. I feel I accomplished that and I’m starting to get comfortable on the mic and it’s time I let my first listeners in the door and give the new listeners something to talk about.

TI: How do you go about preparing for a performance/show?

Cez: To get ready for a show I usually listen to my iPod on my way to the venue and practice my verses in my head. I get my energy from the crowd. I feel alive when I’m out there. But before shows I try to stay quiet and low-key and remember that I got to go hard because I only get one shot. So I try to stay as focused as possible on giving my fans everything I got.

TI: What is one thing that you would like to accomplish career wise before the year is over?

Cez: If I had to decide on one thing it would be to be in a position to start touring. I’m a new artist, I learn fast, but I’m still growing and I want my fans to grow with me. So, I want to drop my next few discs and then start performing again and getting my experience up.

TI: A lot of artists have their hands in something else besides music. For example: acting, designing, blogging, etc. Do you have any other ventures that you want to explore besides rapping?

Cez: The one thing that I want to start is a documentary entitled Kush Life. It’s still in the building stages but that is one project that I am trying to get off of the ground. So if there are any cinematographers in Milwaukee, holla at me.

TI: You mentioned in a prior conversation that you are working on a new project. Can you share a little bit about it?

Cez: I actually have two. The first project I am recording is a mixtape entitled Target Practice. The concept behind Target Practice is basically I want to make sure my aim is right. I don’t want to come at the fans in the wrong way because I don’t want my intentions to be misconstrued. So I will be releasing some tracks that show a different side of Cezar and also, I really have been wanting to just show off my lyrical ability. So I’m having a lot of fun putting it together.  The second project is entitled The Manhattan Project (pictured above) which is my first street album. I want to shout out Daniel Thompson for the sick artwork that blew my mind.  The concept behind TMP is we are shooting for a world changer.  When I say we this project will be solely produced by VZ THE KID, my partner in crime and only producer. We said that this project is for us. We want to put all our creativity to use and design a cd that will be our best work to date. TMP is still in the writing process so there is much more still to come about this album.

**My Two Cents: So readers have heard Cezar’s music and now have gained some perspective on him as a person. I know for a fact that he is working extra hard to make sure his upcoming projects are the best they can be. It is going to be awesome to hear his new material and see him showcase his growth/improvement to all of his fans, both old and new. Stay tuned to the site for more with Cez in the future. -MinM

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