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(Photo By Google Images)

The lovely Tiki Da Poet has decided to share another jewel from her upcoming book Love, Passion (Poems of Love & the Loss of Love) – Book 1. This one plays to the “loss” theme of the book’s title. Give it a read below.

“Still Here!?!?!”

(Poem By Tiki Da Poet)

No matter where I am
I still c ur face
I still feel ur presence
No matter what I say
And who I say it 2
I still hear ur voice
Even when he’s caressin’ me
Kissin’ me…even when he’s lovin’ me
I still feel u next 2 me
Nside me & around me
U haunt me n so many wayz
U r alwayz on my mind
Even when I don’t wanna
Think about u
I still do
Even tho I don’t wanna
I still miss u
I miss everything
About u
Even tho’ u ain’t here w/me
U r still wit me n every way
It’s like…no matter how I try
I can’t shake u
I fiend 4 u everyday
And everynite
It’s like u complete me
N so many wayz
U r like a dream
That I keep chasin’
Just when I think I got u…I lose u

(Photos By Tiki Da Poet)

This is the second submission from Tiki Da Poet. As mentioned, she has two projects in progress at the moment. This piece will be featured in her book Love, Passion (Poems of Love & the Loss of Love) – Book 1.

“Queen & King”

(Poem By Tiki Da Poet)

 The air I breathe
The sanity n my brain
The blood n my veins
The thoughts n my head
Like a mother 2 a daughter
Like a father 2 a son
Like lovers
Like friends
Like husband & wife
This is 4 life
A bond like no otha
Sumthin’ we should feel
Is sumthin’ so real
Respect, honesty
Trust & loyalty
Makes it easier 2 love
Until the end
We will c it thru
All the hard times
This is sumthin’ special
Sumthin’ real
Sumthin’ I feel