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Babyface Monster – The Making Of A Monster (Album & Trailer)

by Miracle


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Chicago affiliate Babyface Monster finally released his long awaited sophomore album The Making Of A Monster last month. The LP is presented by Stack Or Starve and sponsored by Get Right Music. It contains a total of eleven tracks and a wide range of producers as well as guest appearances.

Several of the tracks have already been covered on the site and the reviews can be checked out via the above provided links. With that in mind, decided to allow readers to check out the remaining unreleased tracks for themselves. Highlights out of that bunch include “Gone” and “Smile.” But the album as a whole is actually four star worthy and definitely one of the top projects of 2014. It’s a must hear for any die hard Hip-Hop fan. No sophomore slump here at all.

In addition to the full length LP, Babyface Monster graced the people with the full length mini movie that accompanies the collective as well. It’s a three part flick that stars up-and-coming actors Lana Smithner and Kevin Hope. Lana plays the seductive villain and Kevin plays her unfortunate victim. It’s a story of love, robbery, homicide, and mystery brought to life by the one and only Mr. Yusef Day. Selections from The Making Of A Monster provide the soundtrack to the compelling vision. It’s falls just a little over four minutes in length and is a very worthwhile offering. Readers can give it a peek above.
**My Two Cents: I gotta give props to BFM for his superior new album. The production is flawless and all of the songs are jamming. It’s one of those rare gems where you don’t have to skip a track. You can just press play and let it run. That’s a quality a lot of mainstream artists still haven’t mastered yet. So it’s pretty impressive. Also, the film idea was super inventive. I really enjoyed it. I especially liked the conclusion. The ambiguous aura surrounding the storyline was a nice touch. It took some time for it to all come together but it was well worth the wait. Make sure you entertain both ventures and show support. -MinM

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