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Babyface Monster F/ Ro Gizz – “Holla”

by Miracle

bfm_holla_coverart(Photo By BFM)

Babyface Monster is coasting right along in his campaign for his upcoming collective The Making Of A Monster. The Making Of A Monster is being presented by Stack Or Starve and sponsored by Get Right Music. He hit the site with the second leak off of the project just yesterday. This time around he’s pushing a collaboration he did with fellow Chicago spitter Ro Gizz. The song is called “Holla.”

The production here is full of pep. The rooted bass, sprightly secondary components, club style gait, and upbeat vibe match up approvingly. The hook is attention grabbing. The rapped portion is hype and the vocals are smooth. The lyrics are addictive. The verses are superior. Babyface Monster monopolizes the first two verses and Ro Gizz devours the third. Both artists roll out zealous flows, quick wordplay, and winning rhymes. They do an excellent job of filling the listener in on the raging good times and eventful activities that take place whenever they hit the road. Take note as BFM discloses: “I’m a pop a couple bottles. But if homie act up I’m a pop a couple hollows. I’m a playa, I’m playa. Chicago, I’m the mayor. You might see me out in Vegas throwing chips up in the air. Or maybe out in Boston flossing like I don’t care. I got people over here. I got people over there. So holla when you see a n—a stunting. I reside on the road. But my heart is in the hundreds. And I’m running with them creatures that be running with them heaters. That a rearrange ya features. Have you singing like Anita.” Apparently it gets real when you’re traveling with one of the windy city’s finest. Overall, this song is a banger.

**My Two Cents: This is my favorite track from BFM thus far. The beat is flame and the content goes hard. He and Ro Gizz came with their A game for sure. They made tour life sound exciting and fun in a manner that would be hard for any listener to deny. If you haven’t heard a BFM record yet, this is the one to give a chance. The Making Of A Monster comes out on August 1st. So be sure to be on the lookout. -MinM

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