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Meet The Chicago Artists Of MidWest Blog Tour: Milwaukee (Babyface Monster)

by Miracle

3(Photo By Babyface Monster)

“When You See Me” F/ Bo Deal (preview)

In honor of the site’s upcoming event MidWest Blog Tour: Milwaukee, thought it would be appropriate to shed a little spotlight on some of the artists who will be visiting the 414 from Chicago. First up is the head honcho of the tour & the entire Mid-West movement, Babyface Monster. He sent over an exclusive track (he hasn’t even shared it on his own site yet) to give readers a taste of what they can expect from him this Friday. The track is labeled “When You See Me” and it is the official first single from his pending album The Making Of A Monster. It was produced by SuperStar O and features another Chi-Town talent, Bo Deal.

The production turned out well. The hardcore foundation, heavy secondary musical elements, measured pace, and fierce vibe make for an undeniable combination. The hook is decent too. The delivery is engaging and the lyrics are suitable. The verses are good. Babyface Monster tears it up first and Bo Deal rocks the mic next. Each artist comes with an one of a kind flow, skillful wordplay, and quality rhymes. They do a fine job of conveying what a night out in the club entails for the likes of two of Chicago’s biggest names. A couple of memorable lines from BFM include: “Bands on swole. Pockets on elephant. I’m cooler than the President. Other s–t irrelevant. Yo girl’s on my jockstrap. I should be selling dick. I’m so fly. I’m jeweled up. I’m rolling high. I’m too drunk. I’m flipping hoes. You boo’d up. Haha, you suck. I’m looking good, fresh cologne. My shades is on. All in my zone. My game is strong. My money long. Oh s–t, my favorite song.” Dope imagery and a ton of character being given to the listener in those bars right there. Overall, this song is a hit and a smart choice for a lead single.

**My Two Cents: I’ve been wanting to post some music from the big homie BFM for a while now. So I was super excited to get this exclusive. It’s a really solid track and sure to get any crowd hyped up. Also, want to give him much love for including The Illixer and Milwaukee in his venture to unite and elevate the Mid-West music scene. It is truly an honor and I am really looking forward to this Friday (9/20). Check out the provided link for event details. Hope my local readers can make it out to support! -MinM

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