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Meet The Chicago Artists Of MidWest Blog Tour: Milwaukee (3Tre)

by Miracle

like it(Photo By Carl “BFM” Jones)

“Like It” (listen/download)

3Tre is another Chicago artist that will be gracing the stage for the event this Friday (9/20). The site got a hold of his latest single to share with readers. It’s titled “Like It” and was produced by Beau Brenton. Additionally, it will be a part of 3Tre’s upcoming project Identity which is due out November 21st. The production here is slick. It is made up of: a filling bass, savvy background components, a rhythmical tempo, and an enticing vibe. The hook is adequate. The delivery and minor vocal effects really standout. The lyrics are simple yet addictive. The verses are of a choice quality. 3Tre exhibits a striking flow, sharp wordplay, and fresh rhymes. He satisfactorily demonstrates his know-how on the mic as well as provides a saucy glimpse into his personality. A sprinkling of lines worth mentioning are: “I’m a rapping a** n—a. Feel like I’m a OG. But it’s just the movies I be into. You don’t like me, b—h blow me. My shoulder cold as December. Feel like it’s Winter. Ha! Feel like a winner. I hit it. She think it’s Christmas. I’m a beast already. Got a big enough ego. Let me eat already. (…) This music got me baby. It’s like a PO. And if I don’t make it I’m gone be poed.” Crafty way to kick off the track right there. In the end, this is a legit offering.

**My Two Cents: I enjoyed this record. 3Tre has a likeable style about him and his bars are sufficient. I am definitely interested to see what he brings to the table for the event. For more with 3Tre, readers can check him out on Facbook (see above) as well as Twitter. -MinM

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