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Drama – “The Fever”

by Miracle

Fever Cover(Photo By Trac-Qaeda Music Group)

Drama is ready to move forward with brand new music as well as a new album. He is working on an EP that has been labeled Pain Is Love, Love Is Pain. Not too long ago, he shared the project’s first official single. It’s called “The Fever” and it was produced in house by Trac-Qaeda.

The production here is legitimate. The routine foundation, bold supporting components, active tempo, and Rock style vibe mesh together advantageously. The hook is attention grabbing. The delivery is intense and the lyrics are unapologetic. The verses are principled. Drama exercises an intense flow, systematic wordplay, and in-your-face rhymes. He efficiently conveys the perspective of an individual with an extreme sense of fervor for being involved in the world of Hip-Hop. A scattering of lines to be aware of are: “I took ya shine little n—as right off your dinner plate. Now who’s in line for the guillotine? Let it penetrate. The most talked about. Hit the floor and just chalk it out. See this is suicide when you hear what I’m talking ’bout. Yellow taping you suckers. I’m what the caution ’bout. This 9-0 motherf–ka. Go bring the Walkman out.” Those are some tough themed bars right there. Overall, this is an appropriate and compact record.
**My Two Cents: Sophomore projects are always exciting because everyone can’t wait to see if an artist will beat the dreaded second round slump. If this single is any indication of what’s on the horizon, I think Drama will do just fine. This track turned out successfully. The production has a quality inventive sound to it and the content is reputable. Even the cover art is fly. I think readers should go ahead and give this a spin. Can’t wait to hear what Drama has up next. -MinM

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