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SisQo F/ Waka Flocka Flame – “A-List” (Song & Behind The Scenes Video)

by Miracle

6TvKrnq(Photo By Annie Chen)

The R&B world has been buzzing non-stop since the news hit that eccentric singer SisQo (Dru Hill) was officially making a comeback. After an extensive hiatus, he has decided to finish up his notorious Dragon album series. The third and final installment has been dubbed The Last Dragon. The first single from the project is what initiated all of the comeback buzz. It’s titled “A-List” and features rapper Waka Flocka Flame.

The production here is on point. The weighted bass, energetic background components, upbeat tempo, and infectious club vibe make for a rewarding combination. The hook is decent. The vocals are fresh and the lyrics are entertaining. The verses are solid. SisQo takes over the first couple of verses and Waka Flocka Flame adds his touch to the end portion of the track. SisQo presents satisfying harmonies and braggadocios lyrics. Waka Flocka doles out his signature flow, customary wordplay, and swagged out rhymes. The fellas provide an attractive representation of what it’s like to live amongst the elite. A sprinkling of notable lines from SisQo include: “I’mma show you the way we go. We rolling deep with all my people. We buying bottle after bottle. Pockets deep like we hit the lotto. Got all bad b—hes in my section. Don’t make me teach yo girl a lesson. Cause if I throw a couple thousand, she’ll mess around and start undressing.” Those are some colorful words right there. Overall, this is a decent way to return to the game.

In addition to the single, SisQo and his team are also pushing a behind the scenes look at the upcoming visuals for the record. It looks like it’s going to be just as much fun as the song itself. Readers can take a look at the five minute clip above. The selection will be available on iTunes later this month and the video will be dropping soon as well. The Last Dragon will hit the masses later on this year, sometime during the Winter season.

**My Two Cents: I was a huge Dru Hill fan back in the day and I rocked with a lot of SisQo’s solo stuff as well. So I was pretty amped to see that he is returning to the game. The single isn’t his strongest work ever but it has grown on me. It’s a fun little number as a whole. Looking forward to checking out the video and hearing what else The Last Dragon has to offer. The Illixer would like to extend an official welcome back to SisQo and we wish him the best of luck with his endeavors. -MinM

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