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Sisterhood Of Hip Hop: Season 1, Episode 5: “Miami Vices” (Recap)

by Miracle

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“Miami Vices” (watch here)

The fifth episode of Sisterhood Of Hip Hop sees the ladies ditching the cold bleak New York scenery for the brightness, warmth, and beauty of Miami. Diamond kicks off the episode with a radio interview to promote her upcoming label mansion party before linking up with Bia and Brianna Perry for a day full of fun. They do some cruising around the city before catching up with Nyemiah Supreme who is using the trip as an opportunity to shoot a video for her new song “Downgrade” (watch below). Though the ladies feel Nyemiah might just be using work to avoid hanging out with them. So you know Diamond had to take a dig or two.

Siya is also in Miami and she brought Renaye along for the ride hoping that a change of scenery will help in her efforts to strengthen their relationship. And it seems to be a good idea at first. But when Renaye finds out Siya also plans to work and link up with the girls, things start to unravel rather quickly. Nyemiah finishes up her video shoot by getting some shots of herself and her dancers on the beach. She invited the ladies to come get their cameo on but none of them decide to slide through except for Siya, oh well. The ladies instead opted to hang out, grab some food, and have girl talk. During which Diamond reveals not only does she still have ties to her former flame Soulja Boy but that she invited him to her mansion party. The ladies are supportive but they can’t help but wonder if the seemingly harmless invite is going to jeopardize Diamond’s new career path.

In an effort to smooth things over, Siya decides to take Renaye out for an intimate evening just the two of them. But as they sit down to dinner, Renaye starts in on Siya for spending the day at Nyemiah’s video shoot and things go down hill from there. It’s more of the same old same. Renaye doesn’t like being left alone and Siya can’t handle the baggage from Renaye’s past. Needless to say the two don’t get anything resolved. Diamond has a one on one with her manager Brian to celebrate her label signing as well as talk about her personal life vs. her career. She reassures Brian that she’s focused and ready to move forward. But fails to mention that she invited Soulja Boy to join them for the big night. Poor Brian, smh.

Bia takes to the studio to put some finishing touches on a song before her upcoming showcase. All of the girls seemed to secure some kind of work while in Miami. That’s a good look. She’s joined by her partners in crime Brianna and Diamond. While vibing out, Diamond reveals that Siya is going through it and that she invited her to come out to escape with the ladies. When Siya arrives she spills the tea that Renaye left Miami and went back to New York solo dolo. She ends up becoming emotional as she shares her struggle with trying to sort out her love life along with her career. The ladies are all extremely supportive and empathetic. It’s a real touching moment, awwww.

The time for Bia’s showcase arrives and despite a few pre-performance jitters, she does well. The ladies and crowd all end up rocking with her. The only thing person missing was Nyemiah Supreme. This of course left the girls with a bad taste. But Nye had no worries as she spent the night putting in work with her mentor Timbaland. The two have a great discussion on females and the Hip-Hop game. Drop that knowledge Timbo. Siya, ever the peace keeper, decides to get all of the women together to try and put the drama with Nyemiah to bed once and for all. After getting rid of all distractions, the ladies let Nyemiah know where they are coming from and give her the opportunity to speak up for herself. It takes a minute but ultimately the femcees seem to have a breakthrough and all is well. But how long will it last?

The episode winds down with Diamond’s big night. Everyone arrives at her label sponsored mansion party and they have a ball. The mansion is gorgeous, the food looks great, the drinks are flowing, and everybody is getting along. The ladies even manage to squeeze in a heart to heart about how to cope with certain circumstances in the business. But then everything comes to a halt as Soulja Boy enters the building. He and Diamond waste no time slipping off to be by themselves. The ladies happily give her some space but her manager Brian as well as her family members don’t appear to be too thrilled about the pair being all snuggled up again. Guess old habits really do die hard.

The upcoming episode has a lot to look forward to. Irv Gotti, Eve, and Travie McCoy all come through for a little camera time. Tank tries to connect Siya with a stylist and her feminine side. Nyemiah Supreme has a rocky interview which is followed up by some drama with her manager. And then of course there is the aftermath of Diamond & Soulja Boy, who still happens to be lingering around. Can’t wait to tune in next week and watch it all unfold. -MinM

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