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 “I am a diamond cluster hustler. Queen b****, supreme b****. Kill a n**** for my n**** by any means b****. Murder scene b****. Clean b****, disease free b****, check it.”Lil Kim (“Queen B”)

Things went from 0 to 100 real quick, real quick when Diddy got pissed. If you haven’t heard or you finally came off your giggle fit from the whole Chris Brown and Krispy Kreme (Karrueche) situation, Diddy slapped Drake. Yes, Mr. Puff Daddy put five fingers to Wheelchair Jimmy’s face. But for what? A song (not Cassie). But why? So the story goes, Boi-1da gave the song to both Diddy and Drake. Which most producers do when they have a song. Drake snatched it up first and  it later became “0-100.” Diddy then wants to meet with Drake about the song. Drake on the other hand, begins to dodge Diddy. Never dodge Diddy. So fast forward to early Monday morning (12/8). Diddy meets with Drake outside of club LIV where Drake refuses to step out of the car at first. He finally does. He and Diddy continue to argue. Now Drake being Drake and believing he is as tough as he portrays on records, gets slick. Never get slick with Diddy. Diddy tells him that he will not disrespect him and proceeds to show Drake who is the real HBIC.

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“I ain’t have no daddy around when I was growing up. That’s why I’m wild and I don’t give a huh.” Touché Teairra Mari. Maybe that would explain why these two grown adults, Keyshia Cole and K. Michelle, are acting like habitual hood-rats. Yes, habitual hood-rats. I would’ve given them their own post but come on. Really? So back to the habitual hood-rats. Why?

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“Miami Vices” (watch here)

The fifth episode of Sisterhood Of Hip Hop sees the ladies ditching the cold bleak New York scenery for the brightness, warmth, and beauty of Miami. Diamond kicks off the episode with a radio interview to promote her upcoming label mansion party before linking up with Bia and Brianna Perry for a day full of fun. They do some cruising around the city before catching up with Nyemiah Supreme who is using the trip as an opportunity to shoot a video for her new song “Downgrade” (watch below). Though the ladies feel Nyemiah might just be using work to avoid hanging out with them. So you know Diamond had to take a dig or two.

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“Mo’ Managers, Mo’ Problems” (watch here)

This week’s episode of Sisterhood Of Hip Hop picked up exactly where the last one left off with Diamond and Nyemiah Supreme trading jabs while the other ladies looked on uncomfortably. Sick of the foolery, Siya snags Diamond and takes her off to the bathroom to try and diffuse the situation. After a bit of drunken rambling, the ATL rapper finally calms down. While Siya is working on her, Bia and Brianna Perry help bring Nyemiah back down a notch too. The peacekeepers all feel like females in the game have a hard enough time as it is without gunning for each other too. And they couldn’t be more right. Eventually, the ladies all come back together and the beef is squashed for the time being. Diamond concludes the night by inviting all of the ladies to her record label party in Miami. How nice of her.

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After much anticipation, a new wave of female rap artists made their presence felt on the small screen last night (8/12). Oxygen’s newest reality television show Sisterhood Of Hip Hop debuted it’s very first episode. The episode was dubbed “Femme-C’s” and kept things pretty simple as it basically just gave viewers some insight into the ladies of the cast.