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SSF(Photo By Oxygen)

“Bringing Down The House” (watch here)

Alas, this week marked the end of season one of Oxygen’s new hit reality series Sisterhood Of Hip Hop. It’s sad to see the ladies go but they went out on a memorable note. Diamond kicked off the top of the finale by sitting down with Nyemiah Supreme and explaining to her why she wouldn’t be participating in the ladies’ showcase. With her new brand comes a new style and she wasn’t quite ready to share it all with the world. Sounds a little suspect but she agreed to come out and support. So that’s a plus. She then went on to make her non-participation up to the ladies by surprising them with an afternoon with her mentor and good friend Eve. This proved to be the icing on the cake as Eve dished out some experienced sisterly advice and the girls got to take it all in. They also extended an invite to their showcase to the raptress and she readily accepted. That’s pretty dope.

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“Momma Drama” (watch here)

Sisterhood Of Hip Hop kicked off this week with the conclusion of Nyemiah Supreme‘s meeting with her manager Alex. Alex gives her the info on a celebrity acting coach that should be able to help her tap into her problems. Nyemiah doesn’t seemed too thrilled about it. But it’s her only option if she wants to keep Alex on her team. Brianna Perry on the other hand is having a much better time. She’s playing her new record for heavy hitters: E Class, Fat Joe, and Rick Ross. The trio have all been around Brianna since she was younger and so she values their input. They love her single and offer her a few jewels for her career. Most of which is revolves around the fact that her mother is her manager. After which, she doesn’t have the heart to tell her mentors that she fired her mother and is now managing herself.

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“Image” (watch here)

Sisterhood Of Hip Hop kicked off this week with the conclusion to Diamond‘s fancy mansion shindig. She and Soulja Boy continue their flirtatious reunion until the heat from the glare of Diamond’s manager and family becomes too much for her to handle. The two part ways but the damage has already been done. No one believes that Diamond is quite ready to shake her old habits after all. Siya returns back to her usual routine which means once again trying to make amends with Renaye. This time around, Renaye got her own hotel room to cool off in after the fight. The two discuss the ordeal in Miami, Renaye’s abandonment issues, and make-up for the millionth time. Here’s to hoping it lasts awhile.

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“Miami Vices” (watch here)

The fifth episode of Sisterhood Of Hip Hop sees the ladies ditching the cold bleak New York scenery for the brightness, warmth, and beauty of Miami. Diamond kicks off the episode with a radio interview to promote her upcoming label mansion party before linking up with Bia and Brianna Perry for a day full of fun. They do some cruising around the city before catching up with Nyemiah Supreme who is using the trip as an opportunity to shoot a video for her new song “Downgrade” (watch below). Though the ladies feel Nyemiah might just be using work to avoid hanging out with them. So you know Diamond had to take a dig or two.

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“Mo’ Managers, Mo’ Problems” (watch here)

This week’s episode of Sisterhood Of Hip Hop picked up exactly where the last one left off with Diamond and Nyemiah Supreme trading jabs while the other ladies looked on uncomfortably. Sick of the foolery, Siya snags Diamond and takes her off to the bathroom to try and diffuse the situation. After a bit of drunken rambling, the ATL rapper finally calms down. While Siya is working on her, Bia and Brianna Perry help bring Nyemiah back down a notch too. The peacekeepers all feel like females in the game have a hard enough time as it is without gunning for each other too. And they couldn’t be more right. Eventually, the ladies all come back together and the beef is squashed for the time being. Diamond concludes the night by inviting all of the ladies to her record label party in Miami. How nice of her.