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Varsay – “Sipp Sloww”

by Miracle

photo (1)(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Readers say hello to Varsay. He’s an artist fresh to the scene from Connecticut. He is also an affiliate of the website OK-Tho. At the moment, he is circulating his premiere single “Sipp Sloww” which will be featured on his upcoming debut project The Grand Flipp. The EP is scheduled for release in early November.

The production here is quality. The sturdy bass, lightweight secondary ingredients, mid-tempo gait, and free-spirited vibe fuse charmingly together. The hook is adequate. The delivery is energetic and the lyrics are non-complex. It could have been slightly more creative though. The verses are orthodox. Varsay drums up an easy going flow, standard wordplay, and commendable rhymes. He paints an entertaining picture for the listener as he dishes on transitioning out of a troubled past into a more lavish lifestyle with a genuine female companion by his side. A couple of lines worth observing are: “My life was so cold in the past. I wonder if I’ll ever find a wife that will last. Pretty face, slim waist, nice a**, aye. I catch a case she riding with me til the last days. And days for days. Hone in, mimosas in the morning. Steak and eggs then we get it on in. We on our way out somewhere foreign. Out of town. Baby no not London. Or even Paris. Down in the keys.” Those words right there generate a desirable scenario. Overall, this is a copacetic record.

**My Two Cents: Varsay is a fair artist for a newcomer. I like his flow. He has a neat inviting way about him. And his rhymes are not too shabby either. He needs to spruce them up a bit though. With a little more flair, they could place him on a much higher level. But he has a lot of potential for sure. It will be interesting to see him grow and develop as time goes on. This was a nice little selection and I think readers will agree. So be sure to give it a listen when you have a few minutes to spare. -MinM

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