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Babyface Monster – “Howl At The Moon”

by Miracle

howl(Photo By BFM)

Chi-town site affiliate Babyface Monster has restarted the campaign for his pending release The Making Of A Monster. He will routinely be dropping new singles until the collective hits the airwaves on August 1st. For additional promotion, he has also decided to bring The Mid-West Blog Tour back. The sophomore edition of the tour kicks off on the 24th in Chicago and yes The Illixer will have the privilege of once again hosting a Milwaukee stop (details coming soon!). The first single BFM unleashed on his supporters is titled “Howl At The Moon.”
The production here is interesting. Vybe Beatz is the individual behind the boards on this one. The mild foundation, eccentric musical details, quirky tempo, and mellow vibe result in a favorable combination. The hook is vivid. The delivery is inventive and the lyrics cut to the chase. The verses are of a prime nature. BFM dishes out a spirited flow, ace wordplay, and certified rhymes. He does a choice job of playing to the monster side of his Hip-Hop persona. A few lines to be aware of are: “I’m King Kong on a ***. Frankenstein with the flow. Stay Puff with the dough. Got a problem let me know. I’m a beast. Capisce? Go and get ya chief. Oh you went and got a piece? You should’ve went and got ya priest. (…) Ain’t heard of me? Where the f–k you been? This in my blood. I’m born to win. You n—as garbage. My flow retarded.” Those are some strong convictions to open up the track with right there. All in all, this is a slick offering.
**My Two Cents: I liked this track when clips of it used to play on Mid-West Minute Radio and I still dig it now. It has a striking energy to it and BFM really handled his business with the content. The beat is proper too. It has a real laid-back nature to it. Which was a neat contrast considering the name of the record. The Mid-West Blog Tour 2 hits the 414 on the 31st. Event info will be posted within the next couple of days. So be sure to stay tuned to the site. -MinM

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such an awesome article as usual! It good to read such unique content thats so well though out. Thx again Miracle!!!!


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