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PressDon – “Soo Terrific”

by Miracle

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As previously mentioned, PressDon is another artist who will be coming to the Mil courtesy of The Big Heff Industry Tour on the 25th. He is holding it down for Akron, Ohio. Coming up in the streets, PressDon turned to writing to help keep himself out of trouble. He has spent some time in a group situation, dropped a couple of albums, won a few awards, opened for the likes of Young Jeezy, and has his own label called Don Royal Entertainment. He prides himself on making music influenced by his real life experiences instead of the trends that are considered hot in today’s music industry. His goal is to change the stereotypical opinions of rappers and infuse the game with a more positive energy. At the present time, PressDon and his team are pushing his latest single “Soo Terrific.”

The production here is good. The conventional base, trendy background elements, carefree rhythm, and likeable vibe fit together cohesively. The hook is a winner. The delivery is appealing and the lyrics are entertaining. The verses are modest. PressDon embodies a gratifying flow, sufficient wordplay, and orthodox rhymes. He relays a few of the things that help to put him in an upbeat mood. The most prevalent of which seems to be money and women. Check it as he spits: “I’m feeling so terrific. I’m ’bout to go and kick it. If being fresh a crime then dude I’m so convicted. (…) Just made a few bands just from rolling dice. ‘Bout to hit the club. Get that Patron on ice. Just met this bad chick. She know I got the dough. I like the way she shake it. And then she drop it low.” Those are some nifty bars right there. Overall, this is a commendable effort.

**My Two Cents: This was a quality track. The beat had a magnetic element about it and the hook is super catchy. PressDon did a decent job with the verses too. He needs to add a bit more elaborateness to his bars though. That would make his lyrics much stronger. However as a whole, this was a nice introduction to the Ohio talent. If readers like the song as well, they should be sure to step out to Club Timbuktu on the 25th to catch PressDon and the rest of the tour line up in action. -MinM

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