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Babyface Monster F/ Jacque Corbet – “Tonight” (Song & Video)

by Miracle


Last week Babyface Monster graced the masses with the fourth leak off of his upcoming album The Making Of A Monster (presented by Stack Or Starve and sponsored by Get Right Music). He took a slight detour from the streets and clubs, opting to push a more female friendly record. It’s produced by Vybe Beatz and features R&B singer Jacque Corbet.
The production here is good-natured. The discreet bass, willowy musical fixings, passive tempo, and mature vibe blend peacefully together. The hook is desirable.  Jacque Corbet contributes simple yet sweet sounding vocals with flirtatious lyrics. The verses are exquisitely constructed. BFM advances a courtly flow, enticing wordplay, and evocative rhymes. He lays it all on the line with his best game in the first & second verses for a special lady that he aspires to spend some quality time with even though the circumstances may be slightly inappropriate. Jacque Corbet continues to fuel the grown & sexy theme of the track by adding a little something on the third verse. Highlights from BFM include: “Listen, nobody gotta know. Just keep it on the low. Ain’t gotta go to dinner. And we can skip the show. I got some DVDs. We can watch some BET and sip on this Hennessy. The way you up on me got a n—a open. Got a n—a hoping that you good with your hands. Little mami get the lotion and let me get my back rub. And we can hit the bath tub. Only for this one night. Shawty we gone make love.” Those opening lines certainly have all the makings of one seriously tempting invitation. As a whole, this is an alluring tune.
To accompany his new bedroom anthem, BFM dropped a set of visuals. It was directed by Yusef Day and it is one of three mini movies that will be a part of the upcoming LP. The videos will help to physically tell the story behind The Making Of A Monster. This first chapter centers around a female as she is getting all dolled up. She eventually receives a gentleman visitor and then the camera segues into a ‘to be continued’ screen. It’s a short but worthy clip. Readers can watch it above.
**My Two Cents: Well this was something unexpected from the Chi-Town homie. However, it’s a good look. The song is a healthy change of pace from the usual hood and party joints. BFM has a suaveness about him and Jacque Corbet set things off just right. The video was valid too. It gave the viewer just enough to make sure they come back for chapter two. I’m loving this campaign so far and I’m looking forward to whatever is coming next. -MinM

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