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Genesis Renji & Taz Taylor – 2 In The Chamber (Album Review)

by Miracle

2ITC-FRONT(Photo By House Of Renji)

“RoseGold” (previous review)

“RoseGold” (video)

“Move Round” (previous review)

2 In The Chamber (iTunes)

After much anticipation building via song leaks, a music video, and various events, Genesis Renji & Taz Taylor officially dropped their collaboration album 2 In The Chamber at the end of last month. There are 16 tracks on the work altogether including early releases “RoseGold” and “Move Round.” Also, there are guest appearances from artists such as: Ashleyyy, Klassik, Jae Ace, and more. Take a glance beyond the break to find out which songs made The Illixer‘s highlights.

“Black & White Diamonds”

The production here is weighty. The consolidated base, climactic background elements, medium tempo, and stout vibe make for a pronounced combination. The hook is clutch. The delivery is eclectic and the lyrics are on point. The verses are interesting. Genesis Renji dishes out a lucid flow, keen wordplay, and intricate rhymes. He discusses retaining his luminance regardless of the circumstances. Some lines to be aware of are: “Liquor be that lifeline. Bottles left in the chalk line. I’m killing the bar while we killing ourselves. They surprised we ain’t flat-lined. (…) We be balling like what’s a bench. Y’all be balling like half time. Mom’s call me superhero. Nova call me superstar. Oso call me young Egyptian. Christians call me son of God. Well god don’t that make me a Demi? So when Yeezy say he a god, why everybody offended?” Those bars are one of a kind and start the selection off on a gripping note. Overall, this is an innovative effort.

“Nostalgia” F/ Ashleyyy

The production here is laid back. The poised foundation, free spirited secondary components, revitalizing pace, and old school vibe result in a favorable blend. The hook is conventional. The vocals have a nice fullness to them and the lyrics are wistful. The verses are consummate. There is an even-keeled trade off that takes place between Ashleyyy and Genesis. Both artists utilize sophisticated flows, decent wordplay, and telling rhymes. They sentimentally take the listener through the story of a past lost love. An excerpt from Genesis’ reflection includes: “We became the model for all the lovers to follow. Marriage was on the table even at such a young age. Committed to commitment that’s just the life we were living. Taking over together that’s just the thoughts we were thinking. Just the dreams we were sharing. Its crazy they thought we’d make it. Even had a couple exes who supported what we created. Wonder where we went wrong? Wonder where we fell off? Is it possible to pick up where we left off?” One can’t help but to feel the endearment within those bars. All in all, this is a befitting offering.

“Seat Change”

This actually happens to be the third cut to be released from the project. It just hit the net a couple of days ago. The production here is engaging. The low lying bass, subdued instrumentation, mellow rhythm, and balanced vibe go hand in hand. The hook is lively with out-spoken lyrics. The verses are esteemed. Genesis Renji serves up a self-assured flow, edgy wordplay, and stringent rhymes. He airs out his more cavalier side to the fullest. Take note as he goes in: “We don’t mingle well. And we don’t give a f–k about it. Always talking that house business. We don’t give a f–k who round us. They tremble whenever we mentioned. (…) I say blasé. You can keep your f–king problems. Peeping us like we the new kids. It’s the inner circle. Got the crew here. The whole house here. Shut your mouth here. New royalty, it’s the crown here.” There is quite the intensity dripping off of those words right there. In the end, this single is a banger.

“No More Lies” F/ Pizzle

The production here is fire. The dark infrastructure, gritty urban musical details, unhurried gait, and menacing vibe are perfectly coordinated. The hook is top of the line as well. The delivery has a breezy melodic nature to it and the lyrics are real. The verses are of a front-line quality. Genesis Renji snaps on the first verse and Pizzle shatters the second verse. The pair dole out savvy flows, adept wordplay, and nervy rhymes. They let it be known that they have no tolerance for fraudulent individuals and are in a league all their own. A couple of ear catching lines from Genesis are: “Dear Lord forgive me for my sinning and gluttony. Feeling like n—as can’t f–k with me. Rap game is stuck with me. (…) N—as ain’t seeing or touching me. Luckily I’m humbling every single part of me. (…) House Of Renji’s the empire. And we built it our-self. Pizzle told me keep killing them. And now I’m feeling myself. Everyday I go hard. I been shooting for the stars. Swear to God, I just might be killing myself!” The fierceness of those words leaves a strapping impression on the listener. As a whole, this record is a smash.

**My Two Cents: 2 In The Chamber is a jewel of an album. The production is thoroughly crafted by Taz Taylor. Each track has it’s own flavor. Genesis Renji gives a very versatile and likeable performance. The content is intriguing at every turn. And the guest appearances are coherent. This is a must have project for fans of good music period. The pricing is totally worth it. So hit up iTunes and add it to your collection pronto. -MinM

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