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Blunder – “Best 4 U”

by Miracle

artworks-000084839939-yszuxd-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Since the site gets such a kick out of member Rod McCoy‘s music, the Audible Hustle Entertainment team decided to introduce us to another one of their artists. This one goes by the name of Blunder. He’s a young rapper holding it down for New York. The single that was shared with The Illixer is labeled “Best 4 U” and it was produced by Kev Brown.
The production here is inviting. The wholesome framework, charismatic instrumentation, spiffy tempo, and impartial vibe are a match made in heaven. The hook is modest. The delivery is different and the lyrics are seemly. The verses are nifty. Blunder offers up a token manicured flow, proper wordplay, and delectable rhymes. He lightly provides the listener with an inkling of his personal perspective as it relates to a couple of different situations. A few lines worth mentioning include: “Been a minute since we kicked it. That’s my bad. Had a few skeletons hiding in my bag. Way too scared to compare you to my last. Afraid to fall in love. Guess I’m too much like my dad. There I go again. Making excuses for why I do this. If I’m truly being honest with you … I’m clueless. Just a young kid trapped in my own head. Thankful for the nights I make it back to my own bed.” Those words are put together with so much character and honesty that it’s hard not to dig them. Overall, this is a promising selection.
**My Two Cents: I took to this song fairly quickly. The production is really magnetic and the content was served up splendidly. Blunder has definitely gotten my attention and I will certainly be keeping an ear out for future tunes from the East Coast spitter. Audible Hustle Entertainment is shaping up to be a nice little collective of global talent. That’s a good look. -MinM

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