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Watley Yeltaw F/ JO – “Linez”

by Miracle

artworks-000084859320-awaisg-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Milwaukee faction Rebel Soul’s Watley Yeltaw created a slight buzz a few days ago when he released a brand new single after keeping a low profile for the past couple of months. The song is coined “Linez” and entails a guest appearance from another rapper by the name of JO.

The production here is very appealing. The proportionate bass, head nod inducing musical elements, centralized tempo, and businesslike vibe result in a high grade mash up. The hook is non-complex but good. The delivery is cultivated and the lyrics are pertinent. The verses are expedient. Watley exercises a placid flow with a hint of eeriness to it with discernible wordplay and preferred rhymes. He knocks out the first two verses. JO shows up on the third verse with an equally valuable contribution. The pair give the listener an obscure assortment of thoughts to speculate over. Some lines worth observing from Watley are: “If I had telepathy I’d probably come and break ya spine to make ya sit permanent and listen to me rhyme. I’m desperate. This time around I’m flying on my own airline. Enough wings on the landing strip to make every pig fly. (…) I wonder how an angel gets it’s wings. Probably sacrifice a demon while a choir sings. You know they say holy water’s only blessed if you pray. And I’m hoping I ain’t the prey every time the pastor speaks.” Those are some slightly twisted illustrative bars right there. As a whole, this is an atypical selection.

**My Two Cents: The thing I like most about Watley’s music is that it’s completely different from anything else in the Milwaukee music scene. It stems from his word choice and how he puts everything together. Occasionally it goes a little left field but for the most part, he owns it. This track is an example of the latter. The production is tight and Watley stepped it up a bit on the content level. Readers should check it out for sure when they get a chance. -MinM

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