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Genesis Renji & Taz Taylor – “RoseGold”

by Miracle

artworks-000078940397-a2reh2-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Genesis Renji (The House Of Renji) and his homie Taz Taylor just released the second leak off of their upcoming joint venture 2 In The Chamber. And of course they had to share it with their favorite Hip-Hop blog site. The single is called “RoseGold.” The production here is sophisticated yet street. The clean foundation, dramatic musical elements, reluctant tempo, and arduous vibe blend tastefully. The hook is A-1. The delivery is eccentric and the lyrics are characterful. The verses are top of the line. Genesis Renji manifests a perceptible flow, viable wordplay, and exemplary rhymes. He unveils his struggles with a couple of bad habits and the overall impact that they have had on his life. Pay attention as he spits: “14 it was Patron. Then weed when I was 16. That same year watched my homie do a line in front of me. Sipping syrup on that counter. Trying to counteract the balance. Little bit of lean just to help me lean and balance. Sitting on counters. The feeling is so astounding. Always wanted to be an astronaut. (…) Trying stuff usually blows up in your direction. In a world full of questions I’m providing one answer. I’m just young, wild, and reckless, with no real sense of direction. People told me I was sinning. Friends told me I was winning. So today let’s live it up. Tonight we living fast. Living life like a cymbal. Like a cymbal, until we crash.” The story told in those bars right there is quite vivid. In the end, this is a capital second single.
**My Two Cents: I liked this song a lot. Taz shined brightly on the production tip and Genesis excelled with the content. The selection manages to not only entertain but it has some purpose behind it too. And that’s a great look. I can’t wait to hear the rest of 2 In The Chamber when it drops this Summer. -MinM

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