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Chalk & Knocks – “Cabin Fever” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

artworks-000077441804-35qwys-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Readers meet Chalk B and DJ Knocks. The pair hails from Santa Barbara, CA. They describe themselves as two eager individuals just looking to make original Hip-Hop music. Chalk B is a rapper said to have unique lyrics and a smooth sound that appeals to Hip-Hop heads of all kinds. He has teamed up with producer DJ Knocks for a collaboration project dubbed Wicked Ways. To show the world what they have to offer, the duo released the project’s first single/video “Cabin Fever” not too long ago.

The production for the song consists of: a cultured base, slick quirky secondary ingredients, a mid-tempo pace, and a charismatic vibe. It’s a trendy and refreshing instrumental. The hook is diverting. The delivery is peppy and the lyrics are orthodox. The verses are suitable. Chalk B provides a signature flow, whimsical wordplay, and ace rhymes. He conveys a very free spirited aura about himself to the listener. A couple of lines worth absorbing include: “Film the kid. I’m getting porno flick filthy with it. I’m still dealing with time. I can feel it slipping. But I ain’t worried about the clock. Let me kill a minute. From my fingertips I warp this dream. Who knows to what extent and where these doors could lead. I’ve been weeding out the bulls–t to find more peace. And try to open up a world I wouldn’t normally see. And I reek of potential. A product of broken pencils.” One has to admire the innovative nature of those bars right there. Overall, this is a sensational record.
The video was a team effort done by Austyn Jeffs the director, Jordan Black the cinematographer, and Kelly Newman the assistant director. The trio did a great job. The visuals consist of Chalk B in a wide range of amusing colorful scenarios. There is a solo shot of him performing in front a mirror like backdrop. He spends quite a bit of time with a crew rocking red ski-masks. He takes a whirl on a merry-go-round. There is an unidentified video vixen that pops up on occasion. And random occurrences such as these carry on for the entire length of the flick. The artistic special effects in place are definitely something to be recognized too. The vision closes out with a glimpse of Chalk B roaming away from the camera with his masked friends in tow. All in all, this was a very mesmeric watch.
**My Two Cents: I think Chalk & Knocks are my favorite recent newbies to the site. DJ Knocks outdid himself on the production of this single and Chalk B has a lot of skill. His style is inviting and his bars are put together with precision. He provided some really neat content. The video was a hoot too. I appreciated the fact that it was all just an arbitrary good time. I got the impression that the duo doesn’t take themselves too seriously but they mean business when it comes to their craft. And that is a great combination. I feel that readers will embrace both the track & video with ease and I can’t wait to hear more from Chalk & Knocks in the future. -MinM

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