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Genesis Renji – “Move Round”

by Miracle

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“Move Round” (listen/download)

Multifaceted artist Genesis Renji (The House Of Renji) recently hit the site with a new submission. It’s called “Move Round” and it is produced by Taz Taylor of Jacksonville, FL. The single serves as the first leak to the pair’s upcoming collaboration effort, 2 In The Chamber. The production here is good. The hefty foundation, tense background components, middling tempo, and zealous vibe make for a relishable combination. The hook is choice. The delivery is spirited and the lyrics are catchy. The solitary verse is proficient. Genesis Renji exhibits an eccentric flow, inventive wordplay, and sobering rhymes. He does a stand up job of proving why he is worthy of being referred to as the young king of this rap game. A handful of notable lines are: “I walk in and give no f–ks about a turn up. I barely turned up. You lucky that I showed up. My presence is a present. I been wrapped up in my image. Y’all call me young king. Keep addressing my vision. Handshake with the fakes. I’m the king of the masquerade. I throw a mask on and I raid. Watch me take over the place. I walk in and I own this mothaf–ka. How the f–k you claiming king? I’m just dethroning mothaf–kas.” Those are some boss opening bars right there. Overall, this is a first-class offering.

**My Two Cents: This was a dope song. I really dug the production and the content was pretty on point as well. My only complaint is that it was a little short. I would have liked to hear Renji wreck at least one more additional verse. Otherwise, it’s all good. I think readers will agree but the only way to know for sure is to click that link and push play. So get to it. Then be sure to visit Genesis Renji and Taz Taylor on Twitter (see above) and let them know your thoughts. -MinM

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