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Cezar – “Questions”

by Miracle

Questions Artwork(Photo By TwosUp Music)

“Questions” (listen/download)

414 elite talent Cezar is cruising right along at a very commendable pace as it pertains to his musical endeavors. His buzz and fan-base are noticeably on the rise and the timing of all his new found success couldn’t be any better. He is set to drop a fresh full length mixtape on the 18th entitled No Refunds. It will be hosted by DJ Trill Will and is slated to be distributed via numerous online media outlets as well as pressed up in physical copies. In honor of the big day and as a treat to all of his supporters both old & new, Cezar decided to release a single off of the tape a few days early. It’s colorfully titled “Questions” and sees him joining forces once more with AO Beats.

The production here is blazing. The laden bass, dark grimy musical ingredients, trap style tempo, and firm vibe blend together immaculately. The hook is canny. The delivery has a lot of character to it and the lyrics are easy to retain. The verses are of an expert caliber. Cezar manifests a snazzy versatile flow, crafty wordplay, and opulent rhymes. He takes the listener through a series of inquiries that are on his mind while at the same time breaking down his own personal situation for those who may be wondering exactly what Cezar is all about. Which in a nutshell is hustling, money, and success. Take notice as he spits: “See me I be riding around cooling. With a red bone bumping my music. I ain’t never really f–ked with y’all n—as. Cause a lot of y’all out here trying to prove s–t. Me and my n—as out here trying to move s–t. Trill Will got the U-Haul on cruise. And you can find me in the back pearling stupid. My mama like baby why you do it? Cause these n—as keep perpetrating, imitating, trying to be another n—a. Really it be irritating. I ain’t never seen you joogin like you Walter Payton, running up the sidelines ducking the investigation.” Those are some ridiculously ill bars right there. All in all, this single is a smash hit.

No Refunds Cover Art(Photo By Mad Dope Visuals)

**My Two Cents: There is not one bad thing to be said about this record. AO Beats snapped on the production and Cezar murdered the content as well as the hook. I can’t wait to hear the rest of No Refunds. The Illixer would like to congratulate Cezar on all of his recent good fortune. It is much deserved. May you continue moving forward towards bigger and better things. -MinM

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Rockz Solid April 9, 2014 - 9:14 am

Nice write up! I like Cezars music #LOVE


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