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RayClev F/ Earl Boogie – “Don’t Flatter Yourself”

by Miracle

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“Don’t Flatter Yourself” F/ Earl Boogie (preview)

RayClev is another talented soul from the Divine Atoms collective. He is putting on for Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, he set forth a track that he put together with his cousin Earl Boogie. It’s coined “Don’t Flatter Yourself” and Portugal producer D’Elements is responsible for the beat. The production turned out kosher. The light foundation, old school background elements, mid-tempo pace, and informal vibe make for an agreeable blend. The hook is magnetic. The delivery is easy going and the lyrics are quality. The verses are A-1. RayClev embodies a clean cut flow, real wordplay, and high-minded rhymes. He does an error free job of bringing to light the poor attitudes and priorities of some females in today’s society when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex. A handful of lines worth absorbing are: “I’m trying to get ya number but I see you ain’t impressed though. You got ya iPhone. I’m cool with my Metro. So what it’s on to the next? And if he ain’t getting paid then you on to ya ex. Yeah, brutally honest cause the truth hurts. Better than lying and hoping an excuse works. Holding up this shield cause your heart has been tampered over and over. That’s why you hold standards. Ain’t too many queens just bad bitches. Not looking for love on the road to fast riches. Think you got what I want. How you in control? When beauty isn’t in the looks. It’s found in the soul.” RayClev dropped some serious knowledge in those opening bars right there. Overall, this selection is a gem.

**My Two Cents: This was an amazing single. I absolutely treasured the content and the message behind it. RayClev really came with some purposeful words on this one. The production was on point too. D’Elements captured the classic West Coast vibe as if he were a life long native of Cali himself. This song certainly shouldn’t be slept on. So go ahead and press play. Be sure to visit RayClev on Facebook (see above) afterwards or hit him up on Twitter and share your thoughts. -MinM

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