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EL F/ Klassik – “Everything” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

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“Everything” F/ Klassik (listen/download)

Young Milwaukee talent EL reconnected with the one and only Klassik to bring fans another Derelle Rideout produced hit. The production here ranks in at five stars. The savory foundation, snazzy secondary components, contagious rhythm, and cultivated vibe mesh effortlessly together. The hook is a winner too. Klassik nails the vocals and the lyrics are sterling. The verses are first-class. EL exhibits a charismatic flow, valid wordplay, and favorable rhymes. He does an exceptional job of showing off his abilities on the mic and peaking the listener’s interest. Which is ideal as he is trying to create some excitement for his upcoming project, Retrospective II: Free World. A few noteworthy lines include: “Rap ain’t did s–t for me. These b—hes want Tiffany. But I ain’t giving ’em s–t. N—a do I look rich? Some things just get to me. Ain’t s–t changing. N—as still out here banging. Praying for mama’s guidance. Hope I make it through training. All these rap n—as aiming. I don’t duck ’em or dodge ’em. I just painted the pictures. Now we forming collages.” Those are some smart and honest bars right there. Overall, this song is a hit.

For those who are digging the track, there is a video that goes along with it. The dark hued Mssv Work directed flick can be seen above. It is fairly simple concept wise but definitely worth the watch. It more or less just centers around EL and Klassik zoning out to the track. The duo each possess a breezy groovy demeanor that lends a cool air to the piece, which matches the aura of the single superbly. All in all, it’s a choice set of visuals.

**My Two Cents: I enjoyed both this song and video a lot. Derelle Rideout knocked the production out of the park. EL slammed dunked the verses. And Klassik shredded the hook. The trio work extremely well together. The video was neat. It didn’t have a whole lot going on but the color scheme is awesome and I like the energy that the fellas brought to the table. I certainly think readers should give both a chance. -MinM

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