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John Lewis The Fifth – “Do Or Die” (Video)

by Miracle

DOorDIE Cover Art COPY(Photos By John Lewis The Fifth)

One of the site’s favorite Florida talents John Lewis The Fifth reached out a little bit ago with a new song and video for readers to enjoy. The single is called “Do Or Die” and it was produced by John himself. The tune is set to a durable bass with a contagious rhythm and a severe vibe. The hook is direct and of a quality nature. The verses are sensible. John Lewis The Fifth carries out an authoritative flow, piercing wordplay, and dominating rhymes. He puts forth a strong determined profile of himself. Overall, this is a beasty record.

The video was done by SBHW Films. It fully epitomizes the tough rugged nature of the track via the usage of corresponding locations. John Lewis The Fifth performs while in the midst of scenarios like: being surrounded by heavy machinery,  standing atop aforementioned machinery as well as on a regular vehicle, swinging from medium sized wooden beams, and more. Additionally, there are a few accessories that give off an imposing feel too including a menacing looking white canine and a grungy skull style mask. There are shots that entail the sun going down which casts shadowy imagery that furthers the sobering aura of the project. And John Lewis The Fifth takes on an unrelenting demeanor to top it all off. The flick ceases with a final glance of John’s silhouette up on a large mound before cutting out. As a whole, this was a consistent effort.

IMG_8119 COPY**My Two Cents: Haven’t heard from John Lewis The Fifth in a minute so it was a pleasant happening to receive his new song & video. I completely approve of both. The selection is finely made and the visual ties in smoothly. Good to hear as well as see that John hasn’t lost a step since his last feature. Those interested can keep up with the Miami based artist via his official website which is linked at the beginning of the post. -MinM

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