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MC Jin – “Chinese New Year”

by Miracle

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MC Jin quickly rose to fame after he became the reigning champion of the Freestyle Friday segment of Bet’s 106 & Park. He was signed to the Ruff Ryders (DMX) imprint shortly afterwards. During that time he released his debut album The Rest Is History. He also branched off into acting and is most known for his role in the hit movie sequel 2 Fast 2 Furious. Once he established himself here in the states, he decided to venture to Hong Kong and get acquainted with his ancestry as well as work on using his talents to build an international following. He released a variety of music, starred in an assortment of films, made a series of television appearances, got endorsement deals, and so on. The move turned out to be a relatively successful venture for the driven talent. He has since returned back to the states and settled in New York.

At the moment, he is gearing up to release a new album titled XIV:LIX (14:59). The LP will be released courtesy of a campaign going on via Pledge Music. It will serve as his first official full length English album since his debut 10 years ago. The title and concept are a clever play on the infamous phrase ’15 minutes of fame.’ The project is scheduled to hit the public on October 19 of this year, which coincides with the anniversary of the release date of his first album. So there is a lot of dope symbolism and meaning surrounding the offering.

The first single off of the forthcoming effort is coined “Chinese New Year.” It was produced by Chef Goyar-D. The production here turned out quality. It is made up of: an atmospheric infrastructure, pleasant breezy secondary details, a mellow tempo, and a serene vibe. The hook is solid. The delivery is sharp and the lyrics are conventional. The verses are genuine. MC Jin brings a graceful flow, admirable wordplay, and honest intimate rhymes. He shares moments from his family life, personal regrets, and words of encouragement for anyone who may need them. A handful of stirring lines include: “Cause at one point, yo I was losing sleep. Thinking about the first song that I ever released. Looking back it was a lesson in my eyes. And if you never heard of it; hey that’s just a blessing in disguise. Learn Chinese dropped, things never been the same. Credibility gone. Hell charge it to the game. Truly though seemed like a scene straight out of a movie. I was in the studio with 1/3 of The Fugees. It’d be a understatement to say I was excited. So when Clef said that’s it. I ain’t hesitate to write it. I was barely 21 but that’s not an excuse. I got on my own two feet and walked into that booth.” One can’t help but to feel the emotion and remorse in those words right there. Overall, this is a well done heartfelt selection.


**My Two Cents: I was a huge fan of Jin’s 10 years ago and followed him from his Freestyle Friday reign to his debut album and beyond. So I am thrilled to see that he has kept busy over the years and is still very much so involved with music. I liked this track a lot. It’s a nice easy going number with strong touching sentiments. I think it was a decent choice for a lead single and I am looking forward to hearing the rest of XIV:LIX (14:59). -MinM

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