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Stiz Grimey – “Here We Are Again” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

cimAaNW(Photo By Producers United)

Stiz Grimey is an artist on the rise out of Boston whom the site’s Boston family Shawn Patel (Producers United) thought readers might enjoy. He released his debut project at the top of the year. It’s called Spare Change and can be heard via Audio Mack. Currently, he is circulating a video for his second single off of the album titled “Here We Are Again.”

The single is set to a mid-tempo production with expressive secondary elements and a downcast vibe. It’s of a top of the line quality as a whole. The hook is worthwhile as well. The delivery has a passionate Rock style nature to it and the lyrics are heightened. The verses are compelling. Stiz Grimey contributes a traditional style flow, intricate wordplay, and figurative rhymes. He uses an extremely troubled romantic relationship as symbolism for a deep rooted drug addiction. It’s a very clever approach to a powerful subject matter. Overall, this is an attention grabbing record.

The video was done by Rose Glen. The color scheme for the flick is completely black & white which ties in flawlessly with the aura of the track. The concept for the vision revolves around Stiz trying to live his life while his addiction is constantly hanging on. As a nod to the metaphor at play, the addiction is personified by an eerie looking female figure who appears and disappears throughout the piece. The opening scene shows Stiz in the midst of what appears to be a writing session. He’s posted on the couch with a pen and notebook in front of him amongst a few other items. On the side of him, the aforementioned female pops in and out. Another scene showcases Stiz giving a solo performance. There’s equipment neatly set up behind him and he’s zoning out on the mic. Again, the female figure is present. This time on the corner of the stage. This pattern continues on for the duration of the video. The visuals conclude on an obscure note with the female figure brushing past Stiz as if finally deciding to let him go but his reaction seems as if he may not be ready for that just yet. Hmmm. All in all, this is a riveting watch.

**My Two Cents: I really dig songs with this type of approach. I feel it speaks volumes to an artist’s creativity. On top of that, I can empathize with this topic because I’ve watched people close to me go through their own battles with addiction. So I love everything Stiz Grimey brought to the table here. Quality wise, the tune was finely packaged and the visuals provided a great physical representation of the situation. I believe readers will agree, so no need for further delay. Go ahead and click that play button and experience both for yourself. -MinM

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