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cNTRP5v(Photo By Producers United)

Boston artist Stiz Grimey decided to treat his fans to a brand new single in the spirit of the upcoming Halloween holiday. It’s called “Lizzie Borden” and it also includes a video component. Interesting fact time. Lizzie Borden is an American woman who was accused of committing axe murders back in 1892. Her father and step-mother were killed in the family’s hometown of Fall River, Massachusetts. Borden was tried and later acquitted of the crimes. She was held in prison during her trial and her case was a high profile one throughout the United States. Upon her acquittal, she oddly enough decided to remain in Fall River until her passing in 1927. A decision was made to not look for another suspect in the murder of her parents. Til this very day, there is still lots of speculation as to how the crimes actually went down. Readers can get more details on Lizzie’s story here.

cimAaNW(Photo By Producers United)

Stiz Grimey is an artist on the rise out of Boston whom the site’s Boston family Shawn Patel (Producers United) thought readers might enjoy. He released his debut project at the top of the year. It’s called Spare Change and can be heard via Audio Mack. Currently, he is circulating a video for his second single off of the album titled “Here We Are Again.”