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Sisterhood Of Hip Hop: Season 1, Episode 8: “Bringing Down The House” (Finale Recap)

by Miracle

SSF(Photo By Oxygen)

“Bringing Down The House” (watch here)

Alas, this week marked the end of season one of Oxygen’s new hit reality series Sisterhood Of Hip Hop. It’s sad to see the ladies go but they went out on a memorable note. Diamond kicked off the top of the finale by sitting down with Nyemiah Supreme and explaining to her why she wouldn’t be participating in the ladies’ showcase. With her new brand comes a new style and she wasn’t quite ready to share it all with the world. Sounds a little suspect but she agreed to come out and support. So that’s a plus. She then went on to make her non-participation up to the ladies by surprising them with an afternoon with her mentor and good friend Eve. This proved to be the icing on the cake as Eve dished out some experienced sisterly advice and the girls got to take it all in. They also extended an invite to their showcase to the raptress and she readily accepted. That’s pretty dope.

There was no time wasted in getting into the showcase. The girls got all dolled up backstage while family, friends, fans, and industry personnel packed the house. With the exception of Siya and Renaye fussing over Renaye’s early excessive drinking, the night started off smoothly. Nyemiah took the stage first with her trademark dancers in tow. She set a nice tone for the evening. She was followed by Bia who rocked her set solo dolo and proved why she’s deserving of her brand new record deal. Next Brianna Perry gave a sexy live version of her single “I’m That B.I.T.C.H.” And Siya shut it down with an exceptional closing set. She was a huge hit with those in attendance. Eve especially seemed to take a liking to her. However, the person she wanted to impress the most felt a little differently. A drunken Renaye became very upset at the fact that Siya didn’t acknowledge her during her performance and began to cause a scene. On the other hand, the rest of the girls received nothing but praise and love from their team and supporters. Hurt and fed up, Siya responded accordingly and things began to spiral out of control. Diamond jumped in to try and help but Renaye wasn’t going. This resulted in glasses being thrown and the night coming to an unfortunate completion.

After all of that drama, the viewers were treated to something a lot more positive. Miami diva Brianna Perry finally received her college diploma. There was a brief glimpse of her graduation ceremony and then of course it was party time. Her grad party included a serious guest list with appearances by names such as: E Class, Trina, DJ Khaled, and more. She also got to share a cute heart to heart with her mother and her good friend Ricky. Diamond got to show her new sound when she stepped into the studio with the one and only Rico Love. He encouraged her to hop in the booth and let out some of her pent up aggression. The end result was a very forward yet quality new tune. After spending some time apart due to their big blow up, Siya and Renaye have another one of their infamous sit downs. They discuss the fight as well as the same issues that have been plaguing them all season. There are a ton of waterworks and then Siya makes a shocking decision. She’s throwing in the towel. Her and Renaye are no more. Super sad but also super necessary. They were not a healthy match.

Diamond heads back to Miami where she rehearses her newly recorded single with an all girl band. Live instrumentation is part of her new sound. She invites Brianna and some of her family to watch her practice and give her some honest feedback. They all seem to like the new Diamond and rightfully so. She rocked out quite nicely with the band. Irv Gotti decides to hook Siya up with a studio session after hearing all of the buzz about her set at the showcase. Definitely a much needed distraction from her personal affairs. She winds up working with a producer who goes by the name of Reef (Rick Ross, Fabolous, Estelle). The two start to create a certified banger together and then Ja Rule stops by to chop it up with Siya. She’s ecstatic and the duo have a grand time. The ladies all come together for one last rendezvous. They reflect over the season and each share a positive change that the experience has left upon them. It’s a stirring way to wrap up the first season. As a farewell treat, Siya premiered a new song & video. It’s called “Real MVP” and readers can check it out below.

**My Two Cents: I really enjoyed this show as a whole. It generated a rarely seen platform for women in the Hip-Hop game. It was great to get a weekly glimpse into the respective journeys of the ladies. Much love and best of luck to all of them in their current as well as future endeavors. I hope that they get to come back for a second season. And salute to T.I. as well for getting behind this program. Did you like the series? Drop a line in the comments section below with your thoughts. -MinM

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