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Music Quickies: Versailles The Everything – “TheBlockTheCity”

by Miracle

artworks-000092303869-k3jiwe-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

So the site’s friends over at Divine Atoms decided to introduce readers to another member of their collective. She goes by the moniker Versailles The Everything and is a resident of Florida. Her talents consist of rapping, singing, and mixing her own records. She is constantly demonstrating growth within her art through hard work and dedication. Which she poetically describes as: “Creating sounds with my soul.” What an epic way to interpret being an artist.

At the moment, the expressive diva is promoting a short tune labeled “TheBlockTheCity.” The record is set to a tender production. It is comprised of: pillowy musical details with a touch of soul, a hazy rhythm, and a harmonious vibe. The hook plays at the end of the selection. It is of a high grade nature. The vocals are pure and the lyrics are artistic. The lone verse here is golden. Versailles treats the listener to sweet breezy melodies and illustrative lyrics. She holds down both the block as well as the city quite nicely. Overall, this was a sublime introduction to Ms. Versailles The Everything. If readers agree, she has another track on Sound Cloud called “Heaven” that is highly recommended. -MinM

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