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Ay-Rock F/ Styme – “I’m On It”

by Miracle

IOI-Cover(Photo By Technology Records)

Texas rapper Ay-Rock is back with more new music. This time out he teamed up with fellow artist Styme for a song called “I’m On It.” It runs a little over three minutes in length and though it is not downloadable, it is currently available for purchase on iTunes.

The production here is front-line quality. The stealthy baseline, low drawn out secondary components, mid-tempo gait, and no-nonsense vibe result in an agreeable combination. The hook is reasonable. The delivery is spotless and the lyrics are intelligible. The verses are befitting. Ay-Rock gets the ball rolling and Styme comes through with a notable assist. The fellas serve up kinetic flows, adamant wordplay, and fulfilling rhymes. They signify that they have the game on lock as it pertains to this music business. A few noticeable lines from Ay-Rock include: “I’m on the move and they watching. I’m on the grind and they clocking. Got my swagger right and they jocking. N—a who you think is better? No one cause I am greatness. Shout out to the team. Hustle hard, we call it grave-shift. (…) I done came from the bottom. Now I rose to the top. Now I’m the one that they talk for. Silence, settled in in my residence as the best that ever do it in this game. And it’s evident that I blow!” Those words right there make quite the forward statement. As a whole, this selection is a plus for Ay-Rock’s catalog.

**My Two Cents: This was a fine street style record. The beat has just the right amount of edge to it. Ay-Rock and Styme lace the content copiously as well. They add a fine blend of skill and intensity to the mix. So his streak on the site continues for now, lol. After giving the track a spin take a moment to visit the Southern artist on: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. -MinM

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