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Get-Away(Photo By Technology Records)

Ay-Rock (Technology Records) has vamped up his promo for his up-and-coming project RTG (Ready To Go). Last month he ran a campaign on Instagram titled #100likesNewMusic which resulted in the release of a single called “Get Away.” The song is produced by the artist himself in conjunction with Kevin K Beats.


IMG_0898(Photo By DoublePlay Cam)

Technology Records artist Ay-Rock just sent over his latest single. It’s a collaboration that sees him reuniting with singer Eastman Osborne. It is a much more toned down track than what he’s been serving up as of late and it is slated to appear on his forthcoming project RTG (Ready To Go).

IMG_0204(Photo By Technology Records)

Back in October, readers were put on to a track from Ay-Rock of Technology Records called “Man Of The Hour.” It received a four star review due to it’s banging production and high grade content. It will appear on his upcoming project RTG (Ready To Go) and the review for the single can be found here. As mentioned in the previous post, there is a video component for the hit selection. The visuals were officially released yesterday (11/23) and can be viewed below.

unnamed(Photo By 7thVisual)

Ay-Rock (Technology Records) is just unleashing fresh tunes left and right. A few short days ago, he shared his latest single with the site. It’s a solo effort this go round entitled “Man Of The Hour.” It also has an official video component that is slated to be released within the very near future.