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Ay-Rock F/ Eastman Osborne – “Tonight”

by Miracle


IMG_0898(Photo By DoublePlay Cam)

Technology Records artist Ay-Rock just sent over his latest single. It’s a collaboration that sees him reuniting with singer Eastman Osborne. It is a much more toned down track than what he’s been serving up as of late and it is slated to appear on his forthcoming project RTG (Ready To Go).

The production here is satisfactory. The reserved infrastructure, complaisant background ingredients, even tempo, and endearing vibe result in a becoming blend. The hook is flattering. Eastman Osborne supplies pleasant harmonies and the lyrics are likable. The verses are promising. Ay-Rock disperses a familiar flow, seemly wordplay, and winsome rhymes. He builds a solid case while in the pursuit of a woman that he is trying to spend quaility time with for the evening. A small collective of citable lines include: “Give me that chance for the one time. When I’m done you gone talk about that one time. Making plans, trying to keep a n—a one mind. But I’m trying to keep it under. You can’t tell nobody else. You gotta be the type to keep it to yourself. Knowing it’s a fact that when you bust it girl I aim to please. (…) Never been the type to be a selfish lover. Rather take my time and let you self discover.” Those words right there would surely pique the interest of many a pretty lady. All in all, this is a sufficient effort.

**My Two Cents: This is a legitimate number. The production is aptly packaged. I like the low key feel of everything. And the content matches up fairly well.  Eastman Osborne really came through on the hook and Ay-Rock held his own on the content too. Could have been a tad more striking lyrically though. But the tune is still one that readers are bound to enjoy. So go ahead, press play, and vibe out. -MinM

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