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Ay-Rock – “Man Of The Hour”

by Miracle

unnamed(Photo By 7thVisual)

Ay-Rock (Technology Records) is just unleashing fresh tunes left and right. A few short days ago, he shared his latest single with the site. It’s a solo effort this go round entitled “Man Of The Hour.” It also has an official video component that is slated to be released within the very near future.

The production here is fierce. The booming foundation, climactic supporting details, enterprising rhythm, and cold vibe make for a high grade combination. The hook goes in as well. The delivery is vivid and the lyrics are hard to forget. The verses are on 10. Ay-Rock contributes a four star flow, expert wordplay, and incomparable rhymes. He demonstrates to the listener without a shadow of a doubt and despite any form of negativity that his moment is now. A handful of impressive lines to back up this sentiment include: “I done seen too many n—as talking s–t. Then turn around and tell that same n—a he the s–t. Staying with my clique and that’s the ones that I been with. And if you trying to join the team then take a number on the list. I be on that f–k it if you got it. You n—as need to stop it. Every time I get a feature, I’m the reason why you drop it.” Ay-Rock came out of the gate swinging with those bars right there. Overall, this is a very superior record.

**My Two Cents: This is Ay-Rock’s best submission by far. The beat is amazing. The hook is ridiculously catchy. And he slayed the verses. If this doesn’t get listeners excited for his upcoming debut collective RTG (Ready To Go) then nothing will. I got an exclusive peek at the upcoming video and it is on point as well. Readers should indulge in the single for sure. Can’t wait to hear the project in it’s entirety. -MinM

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