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Rich P – “Trump”

by Miracle

1779309_10203886373934337_57333565898707801_n(Photo By Facebook)

Haven’t had a full length Rich P solo track on the site in about a year. So figured it was time to change that. Two days ago the Purple Label artist dropped his new single “Trump” via Facebook. It serves as a promotional track to fill the craving that his supporters may be having for some new music until he drops the highly anticipated Rich P. & Friends project.

The production here was handled by Rich himself. It is of an intriguing quality. The balanced infrastructure, unconventional supporting details, upbeat tempo, and indifferent vibe fit righteously together. There is no hook utilized on this record. Which works out well as it allows the listener more room to appreciate the beat and the continuous verse. The verse is satisfactory. Rich P unloads a prominent flow, shrewd wordplay, and substantial rhymes. He does a fine job of representing an individual who outranks his competition with ease. Some lines to prove said point include: “You have just been granted access inside the mind of a man who defines progress. Possessing any skill to make me prosperous. Hoping not to lose myself in the process. Got a passion that runs deep. See the fire in my eyes. I heard it was dead. So Hip-Hop I shall revive. (…) My words are personified. Get you high as the s–t they trying to get legalized. A legend in his prime. It’s just a matter of time before I take off like a rocket-ship. Become a household name. I am who they rocking with.” One has to appreciate the self-assurance present in those bars right there. Overall, this is a legitimate buzz record.

**My Two Cents: I am relatively fond of this track. The production is solid. And Rich P served up some viable content. He did an excellent job of using his rhymes to create an audible illustration of the definition of the word trump. Takes a certain level of finesse to pull something like that off. While this does make for a choice appetizer, I am still very much so looking forward to hearing the forthcoming collective Rich P. & Friends. I just know it’s going to be dope. -MinM

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