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EK – “Mean Ol’ Town”

by Miracle

ZZRutmF(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Boston artist EK released a very special single earlier this month. It’s coined “Mean Ol’ Town” and what makes it so significant is the fact that it was featured in the film The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete. The film happens to star Jennifer Hudson and Anthony Mackie. The soundtrack also includes tunes by artists such as Common and Alicia Keys. So EK is in some very good company. Further details on the movie’s score can be found here.

The production for this track is winning. It is comprised of: an emphatic foundation, soulful animated musical elements, a mid-tempo pace, and a compelling vibe. The hook is amazing as well. The vocals are rich and expressive. The lyrics are stirring. The verses are gripping. EK dispenses a zealous flow, precise wordplay, and telling rhymes. He relays raw details that provide a dynamic glimpse into what life is like in the inner city. A snippet from his enlightenment includes: “Bright lights, yellow tapes, to local news. Triple homicide, ghetto blues. Trying to make a living but they won’t hire. Cause I been to prison and my past priors. The block want me though. You know crime pays. I ain’t gotta choice. Gotta find a way. Or the lady having kids just to collect welfare. We in hell here. Mothers bury their sons. The life they gave, someone took. Now she saying her goodbyes, last look.” The vision generated from those words right there is harrowing. All in all, this is a valuable offering.

**My Two Cents: I loved this record from the moment I pressed play. The production immediately draws you in and the content keeps you rooted in place. The hook is extremely well done and EK really breathed life into the track through his words. It’s easy to see why this single made the score for the film. It definitely holds it’s own against the other elite offerings from some of the best in the business. Much love to Shawn Patel (Producers United) for making sure we didn’t miss this one! -MinM

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