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Race seems to be a popular dynamic in the world of cinema as of late. The most recent film to tackle the controversial subject matter is Black Or White starring long time actor Kevin Costner. He takes on the role of Elliot Anderson. Anderson is a grandfather who unexpectedly ends up being responsible for the care of his granddaughter. However, her paternal relatives decide that they would prefer to have custody instead and a conflict ensues that brings a lot of underlying issues to the surface. This premise is based on real life events. As Costner made his promo rounds for the flick on various talk shows, it began to create a bit of a buzz. The Movie Council‘s frontrunners Kal’L and Rich P. got wind of it and stepped out to see what all of the fuss is about. Hear their thoughts on the motion picture after the break.

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Boston artist EK released a very special single earlier this month. It’s coined “Mean Ol’ Town” and what makes it so significant is the fact that it was featured in the film The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete. The film happens to star Jennifer Hudson and Anthony Mackie. The soundtrack also includes tunes by artists such as Common and Alicia Keys. So EK is in some very good company. Further details on the movie’s score can be found here.