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The Movie Council – Black Or White (Review)

by Miracle

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Race seems to be a popular dynamic in the world of cinema as of late. The most recent film to tackle the controversial subject matter is Black Or White starring long time actor Kevin Costner. He takes on the role of Elliot Anderson. Anderson is a grandfather who unexpectedly ends up being responsible for the care of his granddaughter. However, her paternal relatives decide that they would prefer to have custody instead and a conflict ensues that brings a lot of underlying issues to the surface. This premise is based on real life events. As Costner made his promo rounds for the flick on various talk shows, it began to create a bit of a buzz. The Movie Council‘s frontrunners Kal’L and Rich P. got wind of it and stepped out to see what all of the fuss is about. Hear their thoughts on the motion picture after the break.

Mike Binder is the director as well as the writer of this film. Rich P. starts off the review speaking to his directing abilities. He believes that Binder does a nice uniform job of telling the story but could’ve shaved off a few minutes here and there. Kal dives right into the writing next. He finds the writing enjoyable and authentic. He especially likes the fact that the writing breeds attachment to the characters and makes the viewer care about how everything ends up. That’s definitely a great look for a script. Rich is pretty much on the same page.

The duo then engage in a valid discussion about the racial aspect of the film. Though it is present, they believe it is delivered in a very temperate manner. Thus it doesn’t cause quite the discomfort that other movies might that deal with the theme. Also, they touch on the fact that both sides of the coin are given equal and fair spotlight. So it’s not a bias presentation. The pair mention the acting a lot while touching on the other categories. Octavia Spencer, Anthony Mackie, and Jillian Estell are a few of the other main names in the cast. The fellas basically state that everyone does a stand up job and brings a strong chemistry to the mix. Which of course adds to the earlier mentioned connection to the storyline.

As far as negatives go, the only thing that seems to come up is length. The guys feel like there are a couple of scenes that don’t make or break the film. So in turn they could be done away with and not at all missed. But that’s no biggie considering the fact that they have nothing else bad to point out. Their final call? The movie is a must see. Not necessarily break your neck to get to the theaters must see but one that is certainly worth watching. The valuable social statement alone is a high selling point.

**My Two Cents: I find movies that deal with race very intriguing. So I was a little curious about Black Or White. Then I saw Costner on The Steve Harvey Show and my interest grew even more. Thus I was thrilled when I found out Kal & Rich were going to be reviewing it. They did a clean job of hitting all of the categories and they smoothly worked in the race dynamic. Which is of course what is causing people to talk. So they definitely get kudos for that. I think I’ll take their advice on this one and place it on my watch list for sure. The next webisode is coming up just in time for the weekend. Stay tuned to find out what movie makes the cut. -MinM

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