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John Blu – “I Ain’t Done Drinking Yet” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

unnamed(Photo By Too Dope Chicks)

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John Blu is an R&B artist who hails from Chicago, IL. He started singing at a young age in church and transitioned into the music world from there. He also plays instruments, is a songwriter, and dabbles in production.  Due to all of his various talents, he markets himself as a quadruple threat who can literally create a song from start to finish. Which is a rare ability in the industry. Throughout the course of his career he has: secured a couple of full length projects under his belt, rocked countless stages nationwide, done noteworthy collaborations with fellow artists, founded a few companies, and the list goes on. So he’s definitely been on his grind over the years. Earlier today the site received the new visual for his latest single “I Ain’t Done Drinking Yet.”

The production for the single is kosher. The conventional base, easy going secondary components, festive rhythm, and club style vibe mesh commendably together. The hook is on point too. The melodies are clean cut and the lyrics are simple yet fun. The verses are adequate. John Blu supplies befitting harmonies and straightforward lyrics. He takes the listener through a typical night of drinking and living it up in an appealing fashion. As a whole, this is a favorable party record.

The video was packaged by Matt Alonzo. It opens up with a glimpse of the Chi-Town crooner waking up in the back of a police squad car. That’s never a good sign. From there, it rewinds back to three hours earlier to showcase the events that landed the singer in his unfortunate predicament. It appears that he spent the evening surrounded by gorgeous ladies while steadily drinking a strong assortment of alcohol. They all seemingly have a blast. After some time has passed though, Mr. Blu starts to succumb a bit to all of the spirits he’s downing. The establishment John Blu and his crew are patronizing announces the last call and that’s when things take a turn for the worst. The flick concludes with security involvement and some tussling before returning back to the initial scenario of the R&B talent in the squad car. All in all, this was an entertaining vision.

**My Two Cents: This is a copacetic track and video. The song is perfect for letting loose to and the video is enjoyable. I liked the exaggerated special effects within the piece. Also, the storyline had a slightly comical air to it and is one that everyone is sure to be able to connect with. I enjoyed John Blu and his music when I was first put on to him a couple of years ago and I still dig him now. I believe readers will as well. So pour up a little something and click play. -MinM

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