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Meet Milwaukee native, D. Bridge. After releasing Fresh Air 2 in 2012, he’s back with his new eight track EP, Bout That Time. With production by SB, Loco Los, CSYSYK, Weekend Neely, and Plaga Musik, Bout That Time is a very consistent body of work. It has a ‘what’s hot’ sound to it. Which is a positive and a negative.

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John Blu is an R&B artist who hails from Chicago, IL. He started singing at a young age in church and transitioned into the music world from there. He also plays instruments, is a songwriter, and dabbles in production.  Due to all of his various talents, he markets himself as a quadruple threat who can literally create a song from start to finish. Which is a rare ability in the industry. Throughout the course of his career he has: secured a couple of full length projects under his belt, rocked countless stages nationwide, done noteworthy collaborations with fellow artists, founded a few companies, and the list goes on. So he’s definitely been on his grind over the years. Earlier today the site received the new visual for his latest single “I Ain’t Done Drinking Yet.”

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“Walter White” (listen/download)

J. Spoolz is a rapper doing his thing who was originally born in Pittsburgh, PA but is now residing in Los Angeles, CA. He has been a part of the Hip-Hop community for ten plus years, spreading his name and tunes via whatever avenues possible such as music conferences. His networking skills and talent gained him attention from popular DJs as well as artists and it wasn’t long before he was moving beyond the boundaries of his hometown. He has a couple of full length projects under his belt which include features from standout names like: Stat Quo, Wiz Khalifa, etc. Additionally, he has graced the stage with some big time talent too. Amongst said talent is: Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Bun B, and more. His end game is to successfully continue representing the city of steel to the fullest. At the moment, he is pushing a track dubbed “Walter White” (Salute to all of the Breaking Bad fans out there).

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“Get Wit It” F/ Nipsey Hussle (listen/dowload)

Ray Rizzy is a relatively established name here in the Milwaukee music scene. Having been in the game for quite some time, he has been fortunate enough to see success both locally and beyond. He built his fan base & buzz strictly through a grass roots based hustle, signed a temporary deal with Young Jeezy‘s CTE label, worked with the likes of: Nelly, Paul Wall, Gorilla Zoe, etc; and that’s just a snippet of his resume. At the moment he is promoting a song he did with another long time Hip-Hop persona, Nipsey Hussle. The collaboration is dubbed “Get Wit It” and it was produced by Bizness Boi of Elusive Orkestra.

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K’ Valentines Day (listen/download)

Too Dope Chicks is a fresh  communication, event execution, and lifestyle boutique agency ran by previously featured entertainment entrepreneur Poizon Ivy and her partner Leah. Readers can learn more about the ladies and what they do by visiting the official Facebook Page of the company. Over the past week or so, the ladies have shared various content from their vast array of clientele. One of said individuals is a female rapper by the name of K’ Valentine. K’ Valentine is holding it down for Chicago and has always been drawn to artistic/creative things. She became a fan of Hip-Hop at a young age but got her start by immersing herself in poetry. After receiving high accolades (after all not everyone can say that they got the seal of approval from literary icon Maya Angelou) and growing within the art form, she finally decided to make the progression into rhyming. In 2011, she released her debut project Breakfast At Tiffany’s, which served as a personal introduction of sorts to the blossoming female rapper. Her music is a source of innovative flow and style to her fans but is more of a form of therapy for K’ Valentine herself.