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D. Bridge – Bout That Time (EP Review)

Ka1JmawD(Photo By Too Dope Chicks)

Meet Milwaukee native, D. Bridge. After releasing Fresh Air 2 in 2012, he’s back with his new eight track EP, Bout That Time. With production by SB, Loco Los, CSYSYK, Weekend Neely, and Plaga Musik, Bout That Time is a very consistent body of work. It has a ‘what’s hot’ sound to it. Which is a positive and a negative.

The positive side is that D. Bridge gets it and knows what the fans want to hear. The negative side is that this EP sounds like the artist is from Atlanta and not Milwaukee. D. Bridge has what it takes to become mainstream but it will be hard for him to standout when his music sounds similar to everyone else’s. But don’t get me wrong, Bout That Time is perfect for the car. The standout tracks on Bout That Time are:

“Bout That Time” (Produced by Fatmack & Loco Los)

The title track is a great way to start the EP off. I promise you that you will rewind this track a few times. D. Bridge got off like George Zimmerman on this track. And Fatmack & Loco Los did their thing on the boards.

“Do You Believe” F/ Pizzle (Produced by Plaga Musik)

This track will have so much potential if it’s released to radio. D. Bridge just glides across the track so effortlessly. And Pizzle. Pizzle came through like the Tasmanian devil. He’s becoming my favorite artist as of late.

“Origami” F/ Chance The Rapper, Gerald Walker, & Michael Anthony (Produced by SB)

My favorite track by far. It’s a mellow, laid back track in which everyone held their own. It’s probably the only track that sounds like this is D. Bridge as a whole.

Bout That Time is a very dependable EP with very well done production. The only cons are that it sounds very Migo-ish. Also the intros to songs are a little too long. Lengthier starts are cool for a track or two but that’s about it. All in all, D. Bridge did his thing. Bout That Time is worth the download. Just don’t expect it to sound like he’s from up the block, more like down a few states. -Pooh Bailey

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