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Ray Rizzy F/ Nipsey Hussle – “Get Wit It”

by Miracle

rayrizzy-getwithit(Photo By Too Dope Chicks)

“Get Wit It” F/ Nipsey Hussle (listen/dowload)

Ray Rizzy is a relatively established name here in the Milwaukee music scene. Having been in the game for quite some time, he has been fortunate enough to see success both locally and beyond. He built his fan base & buzz strictly through a grass roots based hustle, signed a temporary deal with Young Jeezy‘s CTE label, worked with the likes of: Nelly, Paul Wall, Gorilla Zoe, etc; and that’s just a snippet of his resume. At the moment he is promoting a song he did with another long time Hip-Hop persona, Nipsey Hussle. The collaboration is dubbed “Get Wit It” and it was produced by Bizness Boi of Elusive Orkestra.

The production here is scorching. The energetic bass, West Coast style musical components, catchy rhythm, and club vibe result in a champion blend. The hook is on point too. The delivery is engaging and the lyrics are memorable. The verses are of a satisfactory quality. Ray Rizzy rocks the mic first and Nipsey Hussle comes with a well-disposed follow up. Each artist brings their own marked flow, trendy wordplay, and copacetic rhymes. They convey a festive anthem pertaining to: grinding, women, smoking, drinking, success, and so on. A handful of lines from Ray Rizzy worth mentioning are: “Got that E-40 on me. Come get a sip. In a major way, checking in the VIP. I came up on a bubble. Everybody around me hustle, on everything. Ain’t nothing changed but the chains though. Had a pocket full of Skittles. Smokers trying to taste the rainbow. Far as the game go, got it in a headlock.” One has to appreciate the street and swag elements present in those bars right there. Overall, this selection is a hit.

**My Two Cents: This is my first time ever hearing any music by Ray Rizzy and I wasn’t even aware that Nipsey Hussle was still active. So I got a kick out of listening to this cut. Bizness Boi snapped on the beat and the content was up to par. It’s a perfect fit for those turn up playlists that I’m sure everybody has these days. Fun listen as a whole. Readers should give it an ear. Much love and respect to the Cali Hip-Hop scene. -MinM

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