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Tony K – “Zombie” (Video)

by Miracle

tonykzombie(Photo By Tony K)

“Zombie” (listen/download)

Tony K is an artist/producer/songwriter who interestingly enough was born in Iraq. He and his family came to the U.S. in the 90’s and settled in Detroit, MI. He has an extensive background in the music game that spans back to 2005 and he has worked with talents such as: Kurupt, Royce Da 5’9, Sean Kingston, and more. Those interested can learn more about him via his website. Currently, he is pushing his latest mixtape titled Ynot. He sent over visuals to a single off of the project called “Zombie.” Continue reading after the break for a rundown on both the song and video.

The track is set to a well done production courtesy of Johnnie Blade. The mid-level foundation, finespun musical components, casual tempo, and nonchalant vibe make for an optimal combination. The hook is solid. The delivery has a cool melody to it and the lyrics are uncomplicated. The verses are decent. Tony K serves up an orderly flow, prevalent wordplay, and complimentary rhymes. He takes the listener on a journey of drinking and recreational drug use via the assistance of zombie based metaphors. It places an interesting spin on the popular activities. Overall, this is a respectable effort.

The video was directed & edited by Tony K himself. Elena Muntean handled the makeup. And the female model Geen Hanna is present as a co-star. The storyline for the flick basically depicts the end result of over indulging in the aforementioned activities discussed in the record. Tony winds up stumbling around the woods as a freshly turned member of the walking dead complete with a bottle in his hand. In between the wandering scenes are glimpses of him partying it up with a female companion; which is what led to is new-found state. The lovely lady happens to make the transformation as well. The video concludes with a long distance shot of Tony still trying to make his way through the woods. All in all, this was a suitable accessory to the single.

**My Two Cents: This song and video were something a little different. I dig the concept behind them. I think they serve as a pretty accurate interpretation of what people become when they don’t exercise self restraint when partying. And this was a likeable introduction to Tony K as an artist too. He has a great flow and his rhymes are not bad at all. He just needs to add a tad more flair to the mix to kick his bars up a notch. The skill is certainly there though. For more with the Detroit representer, be sure to explore some of the links provided throughout the post. -MinM

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