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RudeBoyPook – “Own Hype”

by Miracle

own hype(Photo By Sound Cloud)

It’s been a minute since the site connected with the Fresno, California Hip-Hop scene. So it was a treat to recently receive music from West Coast artist RudeBoyPook. He was previously featured on the site as a collaborator with fellow Fresno talent Keeqs. He’s a rapper in his early twenties who is motivated by the unfortunate murder of his cousin in 2012. No one was ever convicted for the tragedy so RudeBoyPook decided to avenge his family through music. Thus his imprint For The Fam (FTF) was born. At the moment, he is working on a project titled Do The Math. The release date for which has yet to be determined. But to showcase what he can do on his own, his team sent over his latest single “Own Hype.”

This track was produced by Young Tuck. The production here is valid. The sunken foundation, tense secondary musical ingredients, middling tempo, and no-nonsense vibe fit cohesively together. The hook is respectable. The delivery is orderly and the lyrics are precise. The verses get the job done. RudeBoyPook offers up an apparent flow, standard wordplay, and competent rhymes. He conveys a sentiment of self-assurance  to the listener while at the same time proving that he is well within his rights to be so confident in his skills. A few notable lines include: “Athlete in school. Now I rap and I trap. It’s the only way to make it in this world when you Black. Take a loss, get it back. For protection, get a strap. It been that way since the (…) got whacked. Every night I say a prayer. I don’t know who got my back. Cause the ones showing me love, could be the ones to get me jacked. Have me laying down flat. Six feet deep. Can’t have that cause my dad won’t sleep.” Those are some hood savvy bars right there. Overall, this is a fair selection.

**My Two Cents: RudeBoyPook stacks up nicely against his Fresno peers. He has his own style and his pen game is adequate. He could get just a little more creative with his bars though. That would help give him a stronger footing. But all in all, this single is on point. The beat is proper and the content is likable. Curious to hear what else the young up-and-comer has to bring to the table. Stay tuned for future posts. -MinM

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