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Lou CharLe$ F/ 88 Killa – “Jackie Moon”

by Miracle

unnamed(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Texas rapper Lou CharLe$ is back on the site with new music. In between working on his pending LP Sink Or S.W.I.M., he managed to release a track called “Jackie Moon.” It features fellow eccentric artist 88 Killa and it was produced by Blue, The Misfit. It’s a major contrast from his previous submission. Find out more after the break.

The production here is hot. The brimming bass, dark peculiar musical components, spirited gait, and abrasive vibe result in a four star mixture. The hook is blazing too. The delivery is consistent and the lyrics are infectious. The verses are efficient. Lou CharLe$ holds down the beginning and end portions of the track while 88 Killa leaves his mark on the middle section. Each artist offers up a novel flow, colorful wordplay, and gratifying rhymes. They do a solid job of putting forth a squad themed anthem with a hood flair. A few notable lines from Lou CharLe$ are: “Say you can’t choose your fate. Well I’ve chosen mine. Gunning for the top like I’m toting nines. Bang, bang. Pow, pow. White chicks on my jock like right now. (…) Ain’t no n—a f–king with my style. Cause I came up from the bottom. Now shawty what the business is? Tried to keep us out. Now we mobbing off in this b—h. Lou CharLe$ I was made for this. Fresh prince of the (…) on some player s–t. Chilling in the limelight. I’m a savor it.” Those are some jazzy bars right there. As a whole, this is a hit offering.

**My Two Cents: This is a cool track. The beat is a monster. 88 Killa made an admirable guest appearance. And Lou CharLe$ stepped up to the plate. There is definitely a catchy air to the effort overall that makes it a must spin when hanging out with the homies. The artwork is neat as well. Great nod to the Halloween season. I think readers will like this single too. Only one way to find out though. So press play and give it an ear. Don’t forget to also explore the links that are provided up top. -MinM

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