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Pharaoh Mac & DMT F/ Dalia – “Frozen”

by Miracle

a2223078611_10(Photo By Jacob Holly)

A significant amount of time has passed since readers were privy to tunes from Milwaukee based duo Pharaoh Mac & DMT. Thus decided to share their latest single from a forthcoming album that they have in the works. The song is coined “Frozen” and it features singer Dalia.

The production here is highly enjoyable. The cushioned foundation, floating supporting details, mellow rhythm, and expressive vibe match up exquisitely. The hook is sterling. Dalia contributes airy vocals and emotional lyrics. The verses are solid. Pharaoh Mac disperses a clean flow, respectable wordplay, and satisfactory rhymes. He indulges in a bit of personal reflection in a very easy tone. An excerpt from his sharing includes: “Heart full of scars. Boxed up as damaged goods. Wouldn’t believe what anyone say cause I did what I could. Fact is, I walk what I talk to prove it. And honestly speaking they ain’t got the balls to do it. Cause it’s either honest living or a world you couldn’t imagine. If I took your feelings into consideration, yes I couldn’t fathom. Thoughts of being happy while broke is too surreal. If it was the other way around, you know how it feels.” Those bars right there have an abstract poetic nature to them. All in all, this is a breezy & stirring selection.

**My Two Cents: This is a really nice track. The production is soothing to the ear. Dalia nailed the hook. And Pharaoh Mac handled his business on the verses. The laid back nature of everything gives the listener the chance to truly take in and appreciate the lyrics. I think it makes for a refreshing lead single. Readers should give it a whirl for sure. To get into the 414 duo beyond this post, readers can check them out on Facebook. -MinM

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